Avoid sleep paralysis while using the direct method/wilding?

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Avoid sleep paralysis while using the direct method/wilding?

Postby 12padams » Mon Apr 16, 2012 6:46 pm

It's now 4:35am and I am too scared to attempting going to sleep until the sun starts rising. At 4:02am I had desire to enter the phase which allowed me to remain semi-conscious yet quite focused on listening to the high pitch sound in my head. I also slightly focused on my breathing and noticed my body's general feelings fade away.

At this point I wondered if I could pull myself out of my body yet suddenly I realized I couldn't move at all (even physically). The more I forced the more I realized I was totally paralyzed. Luckily I remained calm and didn't hear any noises or see scary things. I simply focused on the fact that I was about to complete my plan of action. While trying to force myself out by trying to sit up I regained physical control after 20 seconds.

I checked the time and it was 4:14am which meant that it only took me 12 minutes to induce sleep paralysis from a wake back to bed. I was proud yet left a little shaken up by my experience even though it wasn't actually that scary. The thought of not being able to move is now a lot more scary to me and I fear trying to wild again in case I come across sleep paralysis with terrifying sounds and visions which is very likely.

Is there anyway to avoid sleep paralysis yet enter the phase at the same time from a wake back to bed with an attempted wild?
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