10 questions on what will i do while i'm in a lucid dream.

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10 questions on what will i do while i'm in a lucid dream.

Postby s.mack45 » Wed Jul 25, 2012 6:35 pm

1.) Will i be able to fly anywhere i want to go?

2.) Will i be able to morph myself and become whatever i want to be?

3.) Will i be able to compete in compete in team sports, individual sports, and combat sports?

4.) Will i be able to travel to travel the world?

5.) Will i be able to travel in space?

6.) Will i be able to travel in time (time travel)?

7.) Will i be able to be in film genres (like in action movies, horror movies, etc.)?

8.) Will i be able to be in video games genres (including first-person shooter games and third-person shooter games)?

9.) Will i be able to play in scenarios (burglary, robbery, bank robbery, contract killer, hostage rescue, etc.)

10.) Will i be able to gain romantic/sexual freedom by having as many romantic/sexual partners as i truly desire?


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Re: 10 questions on what will i do while i'm in a lucid dream.

Postby 12padams » Thu Jul 26, 2012 2:55 am

1. Yep... You can fly anywhere you want to including places you don't want :( You can go to places that don't exist in real life and even places that you have never seen or heard about.

2. Definitely, I've turned myself into a tiger and the rush of running ultra fast through a bushy area was thrilling!

3. Yes but not all phase people act the way you want them to. This is great because you a truely versing individual consciousnesses but they may cheat or not ok play properly.

4. You can go anywhere, the world,  or your own bedroom.

5. Anywhere... Trust me! Other planets, the centre of the moon, an alien spaceship and luckily you can breath without oxygen in the phase... As long as you believe you can.

6. Ok I haven't done this myself but I know it's possible. I've attempted to create a pocket watch time machine out of sand but I only half made it before a dog was about to rip me to pieces so I had to run away.

7. Think of a movie, think of a scene and boom, the characters are there with their personalities and you can ask them anything. A photo is enough to have a fully animated moving phase person with a personality.

8. Yep... Any game. I myself have flown over the island in crysis (2007) and driven in a car in need for speed hot pursuit (2002). Amazingly the graphics are fully replicated so old games have the exact same low resolution textures.

9. Any experience you want you can have. You can be a robber speeding off in a Lamborghini reventon at 350km per hour or a terrorist setting of a bomb.

10. Eh, I am asexual myself so I can't answer this question personally. I have heard others having negative experiences however with their desired sexual partner changing sex or turning evil.

Hope I helped :)
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