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Postby TheOnerous » Sat Feb 16, 2013 9:33 am

I got to thinking that maybe our rapid eye movements when dreaming may lead us to be easily distracted in dreams - as soon as we begin to focus on something, our eyes "dart" to another location and we become distracted. Also, I wondered if our muscles also "fire up" (technical term ;) ) so that, in a situation where we may want to stay where we are, the firing up makes us walk elsewhere, thus distraction and our chances of realising we're dreaming decrease. (I think I may have posted about this somewhere on the forum before).

So I was brainstorming for an environment where we are forced to both stay in one location for an extended duration, and forced to stare ahead (staring will, of course, lead to "decay" of the image and can be used as a reality check). A dream came up with an unexpected solution: I was a space shuttle astronaut in a dream, sitting in my seat, listening to the countdown, and looking straight ahead. When the countdown reached zero, the shuttle took off and I thought to myself, "Dreams are really rubbish at recreating the G force you experience at take off". So sort of lucid. Interesting?
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