"Chat with dreamsigns" technique

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"Chat with dreamsigns" technique

Postby TheOnerous » Sun Mar 03, 2013 12:16 pm

This isn't a "Wow, I got lucid every night using this technique!" kind of approach; it's more of a simple and very quick way to pay lucid dreaming some attention on a daily basis, so that I don't take out massive chunks of my day thinking about lucid dreams, but I can still maintain my chances of having a lucid dreaming experience.

The idea is to imagine having a conversation about lucid dreaming with a dreamsign (a person-dreamsign) so that the activity carries over to dreams, to make you lucid.

What I did when I started

At night, I'd pick some random words and relate them to dreams and lucid dreaming somehow. Example:

"Horse": You can be a horse in a lucid dream!
"Noise": When you are lucid dreaming you might hear noise in the waking-life environment and include it in your dream.
"Test": You can test whether you're dreaming or not by doing a reality check.
"Whet": You can whet your appetite for lucid dreaming by reading other people's lucid experiences.
"Rest": The longer you rest at night, the more likely you are to have a lucid dream.

(One way to get simple random words is to just switch on the telly and pick out words. If it's tricky, then I stick to picking out words of one syllable.)

So nothing major there. Just gently listing information about lucid dreaming, prompted by random words.

Next stage: Discussing with dreamsigns instead

I moved on from that and added a dreamsign aspect. I'd imagine I was with a person-dreamsign and imagine having a chat with them, using the random word approach above. (I'd alternate the conversation, so that I would speak, then they would speak, then me, then them, etc). I'd nest the dreamsigns. This is what I mean by that: Three of my strongest dreamsigns are: my mum's house, cars, and my wife. So I'd imagine having a conversation with my wife, in the car, in my mum's driveway.


Me (random word "stress"): I stress that lucid dreaming is a very important part of my life!
Wife: ("melt"): When a dream starts to melt you can rescue it by rubbing your hands.
Me: ("lend"): Other DCs can lend you their body in dreams.
Wife: ("score"): You can log a score of the number of lucid dreams you've had.
Me: ("bar"): In dreams I often dream I am in a bar.
Wife: ("Ski"): I would like to ski in a lucid dream.
Me: ("Tip"): You can tip the odds in your favour by staying awake, then returning to bed.

It has often worked out that if I don't have a conversation with my wife, I will dream of being in the car, or dream of being at my mum's house.

Note: There has been some disagreement I've seen on what the definition of a dreamsign actually is. I assume that's it's anything - person, place, object etc - that regularly re-occurs in my dreams.

Refining the conversation

It's possible to refine the conversation so it is more specific. For example, it can be written so it's just about the question "Am I dreaming?"


Me: ("Sound"): The sound of the question "Am I dreaming" is a distinctive one.
Wife: ("Bell"): You can ask yourself if you're dreaming whenever you ring a door bell.
Me: ("Veer"): You can veer towards asking yourself if you're dreaming on an hourly basis.
Wife: ("Loud"): You can say, "Am I dreaming" out loud.
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