something questions after OBE,about Circles or Layer

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something questions after OBE,about Circles or Layer

Postby Loki » Thu May 15, 2014 10:04 am

Hello, Mike
I come from China, my English is not very good, I said through the software translation, there will be many grammatical and lexical errors, sorry.
I am a master of the obe or phase, I have a lot of problems about layer ,circles,I don't know how to describe.
In China, a lot of things are not allowed to talk about, such as the phase, will be considered to be idealistic, read your book, I finally know a lot of people in this study.
when I was out of my body ,I touched the body, looking for food, read palm prints, wear clothes, these actually like you.I was surprised, I felt was right.
I can see a lot world in a dream ,a lot of layer.For example, when I gaze at the stars,I would fly to the stars, I more and more quickly, the stars is more and more big, just like the earth, then I landed, there is another world, a lot of people, they are very good, I can understand what they said, although I could not understand their language, they walk feeling is fluttering.I spent a week there, they let me stay, but I miss my wife and son, so I came back, I found only two hours.
I gone there many times, including my friends, they can also be there, so I doubt, that the real world?
There are many other worlds, including our real world, I can see my friends to play, but I can't influence them, I can see many have died.
So,I have a lot of dream world problems, I hope you understand, about my English, sorry again
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