My Phases So Far and Progress/Some Trouble

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My Phases So Far and Progress/Some Trouble

Postby arr0w » Thu Sep 04, 2014 9:19 am

Okay, so. I've been practicing this for over 3 years inconsistently, and have phased several times. One was after I basically had 40+ hours of sleep, I'd had some problems last year and spent the time in my holding cell well. Then, the next day, I was alone on my bunk laying down with my eyes covered and was very vividly back at my house for roughly 5 minutes. I have flown once before that, and have had a light, dark phase as well. It felt like an 'unfolding of consciousness'.

I do not take any supplements, besides my normal multivitamin and creatine regiment. I do have a high amount of vitamins, but not outside good ranges. I no longer take any antidepressants as of a month, and most else is on hold. A fair amount of coffee and cigarettes. Now, out of curiosity as well, and not because I think it should be used for this, but with the marijuana legalization laws going around in the states, what is the effect of marijuana on the phase? and if this is off-limits to DISCUSS, I'm still curious as to the interactions.

I can clear my mind and meditate fairly well and deepen best with gravity or falling down, but I have problems with separation and I definitely have issues with wanting very very badly to phase frequently, which causes me to overthink it sometimes. Any advice appreciated, thoughts as well.

Also, I see that Michael posts regularly, so, if you see this,
You read the above. Additionally, I'm most practiced in direct methods, as per my drive to succeed, however I DO need to practice indirect methods. Alarms DO NOT wake me up and I'm a heavy sleeper. I'm also not good at having a schedule, but any advice or quick-entry advice would be appreciated if you have anything. And, thank you sir for your work in this field. Expanding consciousness is something that was once just a seed, and is now a sapling. We are growing the awareness because of you. Well done sir.
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