APP to help wakeup without needing to move to turn off

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APP to help wakeup without needing to move to turn off

Postby Felcas » Thu Apr 30, 2015 11:39 pm

I have a problem to wake up alone Most of the time I fail no matter what.
I wanted an alarm clock to wake me up, but all of them actually force you to move yourself, to make sure you will not fall back asleep.
The minimum time an alarm would keep buzzing before turn off on its own was 5 minutos. Too much, causing deep irritation and ruining the experience.
But after a lot of downloads I found one app that can do it.
Extreme Alarm from AVG for Android and it is FREE.
Download and set it as you like, just make sure you setup auto dismiss and choose a minimum time and volume.
I use 45 second, 75% volume and increasing ring to make it confortable.
I hope this help you too.
Happy dreams
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