Lucid dream faliure

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Lucid dream faliure

Postby Mateon1 » Tue Jul 21, 2015 1:19 pm

I didn't intend to enter a lucid dream or the phase, but I achieved lucidity in a dream, soon followed by unintentional waking up.

It was early afternoon, and I was mildly sleep-deprived. I was suddenly hit with tiredness, so I decided to take a nap.
Not sure how long it lasted, but less than 2 hours for sure, quite likely less than an hour as well.

In the dream, I was watching a movie on a laptop screen while laying in bed. A scary moment came within the movie. I tried to pause the movie with the spacebar, but it couldn't pause. Some sort of black overlay appeared. In real life I use VLC which has a white overlay. This confused me a bit, then I realized it had to be a dream.

I tried moving out of bed, but I couldn't. I moved a bit, but couldn't leave because something held me down. I tried moving my hand by itself, but then it moved my actual hand, breaking the dream and waking me up. I tried to relax again, but I couldn't go back to sleep.

I remember the moment in the movie inside the dream. There were two guys. One with a gun. The people had some sort of conversation, then, the guy with the gun shot the other guy in the head. He was still alive then. The guy with the gun said something, and shot the other guy again, killing him this time.

I think it's hard to believe it's a movie I watched, as pretty much in any movie a shot in the head results in instantaneous death, but in the dream and shortly after waking up it seemed incredibly familiar.

I also heard a few loud bangs, that didn't seem to come from the movie. I think it was a phase effect. I experienced it before when trying to enter the phase.

I'd appreciate any tips on how to prevent similar occurrences in the future. I only experienced lucid dreaming 2 times before this. One of those dreams ended quickly due to a similar accident. I opened my real eyes instead of opening my eyes in the dream.

EDIT: I'm sorry, posted this in the wrong board (Entering the Phase) instead of (Maintaining the Phase). Please, move this topic if possible. Thank you.
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Re: Lucid dream faliure

Postby furduionut » Mon Sep 21, 2015 1:29 pm

Hi Mateon
When the phase is not deep enough trying to open the eyes will result into returning to the body. To prevent an innapropriate exit from the phase you must follow the instruction that (Deepening, Maintaning and also resisting falling asleep, resisting to return to reality and keep you focused for not fall in the bait for an unrecognized phase state like it happened to me : I was in the phase but the enviroment was so real I though that is in the real life and i went back to my bed ) Michael Raduca has written in the book "THE PHASE" . Read the book, you will surely find the answers.
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