Force Falling Asleep with Direct Technique

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Force Falling Asleep with Direct Technique

Postby Yuki » Fri Apr 01, 2016 12:44 pm


1. I was wondering if using the FFA technique (force falling asleep) as a direct technique (before a night sleep) (for the whole 15-20 minutes) is efficient to use like when using it for indirect techniques?

2. Always when I lay on my back before a night's sleep without moving, and just letting my mind wander with a certain degree of awareness, usually within 15-20 minutes I would feel some body locking sensations, sometimes low vibrations (not the intense kind) and most of the times sensations of floating and stuff like that, usually when this happens my eyes forcefully start to open and the fireworks end... anyone know what I should do when I experience the floating sensations? I tried to exit technique but it won't work... neither would paying attention to the feeling of the floating sensation... and I can't even stop my eyes from forceful opening... so that is distracting by itself...
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