Simulated experience?

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Simulated experience?

Postby Augustus » Mon Apr 04, 2016 11:46 pm

Last night before waking up I had this "experience". I think it's simulated, and it probably is, as I didn't event attempt any techniques before waking (I was asleep).

I woke up in a completely dark room with a computer screen on. It may have had a blueish tone or something. It appeared to be my room but I had the feeling I was in my dad's room which is weird because in real life I was sleeping in my grandma's room. Something told me something was not right so I attempted to pinch my nose and inhale. I felt air come in and my body started to vibrate with excitement. So I thought "time to experiment". I went out of the room and found that the kitchen door was closed which is weird because in real life it was open when I was in bed. I found that I could push in the kitchen door and saw a big room with fat people eating chips and a giant TV with some program on. I saw a logo on it that appeared to look somewhat like the Jelly Belly logo but said something about pizza on it and had a yellow stripe in between the words, with a red background that was just an ovalar blob instead of a heart, with a black background. The logo appeared to take up about three-fifths of the screen and the light in the room was yellow with multiple beige sofas, a brown chair thing and possibly a cooler. This appears remarkedly similar to my grandpa's house. There was another door and I went to it to see a large king-sized bed and other yellow light. The room felt quite peaceful and a person which looked like a cross between someone at my dad's business and one of my uncles appeared, when he said hi to me. Then, without thinking, I find myself in the stairs of what appeared to my school. Then I was sitting up in the top of the staircase and my father was in the lower right of the staircase. He then starts talking to me and we talked about the fact that I was in a "dream thing" and I told him what it was called: "the phase". He said: "Yeah. The phase." This event probably meant I was in a simulated experience. Then I took one last breath before a memory gap occured but I do remember a scene of reading a foreign language computer manual with my grandma. She had unsually long nails and I was reading a right page (if that makes sense). The text appeared to be quite small and there was some black bars. There may have even been a DELL logo with the font of the EPSON logo or something like that. I don't know and I woke up in the physical world on my side at 7:40 am.

I had another simulated experience on the 28th, but I have no idea what that one was about. Maybe the reasons I'm having these simulated experiences is that I'm too focused on trying to enter that I just completely screw up my "dream machine". Hopefully soon I can really feel what a real phase experience is like.

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Re: Simulated experience?

Postby Rider » Wed Apr 13, 2016 2:21 pm

Hi, Augustus. What do you mean with "simulated experience"?
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