Re: Lucid dreaming devices; sense of urgency; different stimuli

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Lucid dreaming devices; sense of urgency; different stimuli

Postby TheOnerous » Sat Sep 01, 2012 7:22 am

Question 1: I've been trying to thinking of a new stimulus for a lucid dreadming (EILD-type) device. The standard is light (I know LaBerge experimented with vibration too). I'm thinking that an ideal stimulus would induce a sense or urgency: The feeling that one is in a life-or-death scenario. Maybe altering breathing could do this? Potentially very dangerous I'd assume, but if some kind of device could inhibit breathing momentarily perhaps this would be a better trigger to lucidity than lights etc?

Question 2

What else? Maybe gradually increasing heat? Some kind of device that fits the hand and gradually warms the hand?
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Re: Lucid dreaming devices; sense of urgency; different stimuli

Postby 12padams » Sat Sep 01, 2012 8:11 am

Sound is another possible stimuli because how many times have you heard a sound in your dream then actually awoken to that exact sound or a similar one?

A possible idea would be to have a low tone playing at 500hertz which is silent when the person falls asleep but slowly starts increases in volume at the beginning of rem sleep to the point where it is extremely loud. At some point lucidity would be reached yet unfortunately the rising volume could cause a person to eventually wake. The sound itself would be great for keeping a person lucid because who could ignore such an annoying sound? :)

If you want I could create a sound file that does exactly what I've mentioned above and members here could put it on their computers, iPods or iPhones. They would simply need to press play then go to sleep and after an hour the low tone would begin and slowly increase in volume over the next half hour to the point where it would have to wake someone.

What do you think? Anyone wanna try it because I can easily make and upload the file...
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Re: Lucid dreaming devices; sense of urgency; different stim

Postby orlin1 » Fri Jun 21, 2013 10:22 pm

In try light and sound but bouth have same probelm every REM have different volume needed to signal apear in dram and not destroy it also it bring attention to physical senses with lead to dream destabilization.

Promising may by sense of smell with is not filtred by thalamus and may by oncorporad to dreams more aslily also cause minimal collision.Its by possible create reflex to do TR to smell.

More advanced ide is direcley actovate the part of brain with make difference between LD and noramal dream.Thos ment only for research not for public use risks of unknown effect are to high.
I slowly working on that device but is long way to go.Some of recent scinece publication show this way promising.
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