Re: A little improved

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A little improved

Postby JunL » Mon Nov 28, 2011 2:18 am

Today morning I succeeded first phasing with 'sight'.

I tried many indirect technique and chose 3 techniques, 'observing image - phantom wigling - straining brain'
Yesterday I practiced about 30 cycles before sleep. I think it's important for newbie to make it like a habit. it is still hard for me to try each 3 technique in 3~5sec, but is becoming easier than before.

Today I saperated from body with 'levitation' technique but sight is absent like before. This time I tried palpation stronger than before using more body part.
Refer to homunculus, I used other big part like hand, tongue.
I just licked every objects I was touching :P.. I couldn't feel the taste but it worked for a little deepening.  But there was still no sight. So I just punched mirror and windows. I could hear broken sound. Eventually sight came back.. but very dark.
I couldn't make it brighter at this time.
Total phasing time was about 40sec, a little improved from my prior phasing time 20sec.
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Re: A little improved

Postby JunL » Sat Dec 10, 2011 10:02 am

I still fall into phase with saperation technique.
The only situation I could fall into phase is when I was trying saperation technique.

So I have changed cycles several times as it still didn't work.
I chose "force falling asleep - imaging rubbing hands - body rolling"
(Body rolling is not a technique in cycle and is still in saperation technique but I tried to add it again to cycle as it works easily for me.)
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