Several plans would be needed for maintaining phase

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Several plans would be needed for maintaining phase

Postby JunL » Sat Dec 10, 2011 10:17 am

I think it it would be useful to make not only one or two plans but also 5 plans for phase.

Today I fell into phase, then tried to do what I planned before.
(of course there were several plans in my brain but those were not clear. The only clear plan was one.)

It was to meet very old childhood friend that I can hardly remember her face.
So I just tried to call her name to summon her.
But It didn't work altough I could only hear her voice somewhere.
Then I just hesitated for 5sec, and woke up.

So I decided to make several clear plans for phase.
If first plan didn't work, it would be good to try second plan immediatly rather than hesitate the moment.
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