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The Phase World

Postby Summerlander » Mon Feb 27, 2012 10:32 pm


I entered the phase via dream consciousness last night.  First, during mindless dreaming, I was playing a detective and had a partner with me.  We were looking for aliens like the ones in the Ridley Scott series of films whilst escaping from rogue police (I know, how irrational ;D).

Then, the dream changed and I remained ignorant.  I was a superhero who made sure justice was served in a small poverty-stricken town.  The majority of its inhabitants were humble and always seemed to ask for my advice on what to do in every circumstance.  A man had committed a terrible crime and was being ostracised by the community.  A middle-aged man was manhandling the criminal and finally handed him over to me and said: "Take him away from us before we take the law into our own hands".

I grabbed the criminal and flew him out of there.  As I flew, I realised I was dreaming.  My lucidity seemed to brighten and stabilise the dreamscape.  Despite being in a deep phase, I still felt the need to safely drop the dream criminal on a rooftop rather than just dropping him at altitude.  I could see everything as I flew over a phenomenally large city.  The landscape was no longer the one populated by the humble dream characters.  I felt like I was flying over New York. 

My exhilaration may have caused me to foul but I soon realised it was fake.  I could hear my wife breathing next to me only the sound was coming from the wrong side.  It hit me...I was still in the phase and realised that I needed to escape from my perceived physical stencil.  I decided to roll and then spin in the dark space I was in until I no longer felt the bed beneath me.  Gradually, I assumed a vertical position as I spun and the emergence of a vivid bright environment accompanied by the sensation of floorboards beneath my feet gained essence.

I was in an unfamiliar room and immediately began to deepen by palpating objects.  Then, I realised I wasn't alone.  There was a naked female form there who appeared Caucasian and then turned Oriental.  I felt sexually aroused and fouled for real.

Not much was done in this experience and it didn't even occur to me to carry out my plan of action but this experience did inspire me to open this thread.  In here, we can talk about anything to do with the phase.  We can tell each other our plans and how we plan to apply the phase to waking life.  We may quote from our journals/blogs without having to recount whole experiences (even though I've just fully recounted one of them here :D).

Finally, let me share with you a nice video I found on Youtube about the phase state.  I hope you enjoy it: ... re=related

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Re: The Phase World

Postby Th3TruthizInThere » Fri Mar 09, 2012 11:40 pm

I don't know Summerlander. My POA's are all pretty racy right now and I would get in trouble for describing my phase world. So were you kicking yourself for fouling in front of the Caucoriental naked chick? Heh heh heh! ;D
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Re: The Phase World

Postby Summerlander » Sun Mar 11, 2012 12:18 am

Yes...I was! ;D

Ahem... more on the phase by Susan Blackmore:
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Re: The Phase World

Postby Barnacle » Sat May 19, 2012 10:39 am

When you foul, if you just lie there without moving a muscle, you'll enter the phase again. Sometimes the exact same scenery pops up. Whenever I foul at the worst possible moment (which often happens), I just lay there without moving a muscle and the phase will reemerge. Sometimes I get lucky and end up in the same place I was right before fouling. One night I had spent most of the phase preparing for this insane stunt, I found this big ramp that was mounted on a skip, so I went and found a good car to do the jump then once I got in the car, I fouled. I lay there without moving a muscle and after a minute or so, I was back in the car  ;D
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Re: The Phase World

Postby 12padams » Sat May 19, 2012 10:32 pm

Barnacle wrote: I lay there without moving a muscle and after a minute or so, I was back in the car  ;D

Yea... Me too :)

[i]My science teacher started to become aggressive and began chasing me to prevent me from getting back to the car. Slowly everything around me started fading to black. Before the phase completely disappeared I managed to run to the car, open the door and get in. Slowly the feeling of my body lying in bed returned. Just before moving and getting up however I remembered a quote from Nicholas Newport; “The best time to have an OOBE is right after you've just had an OOBEâ€
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