Translocating to Your House from an Unfamiliar Location

Deepening, maintaining, primary skills, translocation and finding objects

How Often Do You Succeed in Translocating to Your House Compared to Fouling in Doing So?

A) I always succeed in translocating to my house (or to the place where I know myself to be asleep) and never foul in the process.
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B) Most of the time I succeed, I rarely foul during translocation attempts to my house.
C) 50-50, hit or miss it seems, if I don't reach my destination I land at a random location or foul.
D) Most of the time I miss, I rarely reach the desired destination, never foul during translocation attempts though.
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E) I always miss and sometimes foul.
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F) I always foul during translocation attempts anywhere.
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Translocating to Your House from an Unfamiliar Location

Postby Summerlander » Tue Apr 09, 2013 4:43 pm

Today I entered the phase via dream consciousness when I realised how unusual it was for me to skydive by jumping from Mount Everest, Himalayas. Everything was covered in snow as I fell and the wind blowing up my nose was very realistic - however I did not experience being cold despite the environment implying that. The experience was akin to when I skydived in real life at 13,000 feet. As I fell I paid attention to the various surface textures of the land beneath me and eventually decided to fly.

When I landed I realised I was near where my mother lives (or something like it) which is right across London from where I live. I rubbed my hands to deepen and started jogging whilst trying to remember my plan of action. The first step came to mind: I was supposed to do a card trial at my replicated abode in the phase.

So, I decided to spin with my eyes closed in order to translocate to my house. As I spun, my hand knocked a fence, and, when I opened my eyes, I was still at the same location. I decided to run, shut my eyes and pretend already being at the desired destination before opening them. But when I did this I simply returned to my body lying in bed in the real world instead of remaining in the phase and encountering a replica of my house as it successfully happened a few nights ago.

This makes me posit that we all run the risk of fouling when we wish to translocate to our houses (or the place where we know ourselves to be asleep) from an unfamiliar location in the phase. By wishing to be back home, so to speak, we may stumble upon a return to reality as home may emphasise or invoke the memory of our physical bodies lying in bed. If that is inadvertently brought to our attention it could lead to fouling. Perhaps being more precise and focused in our request may help, such as: "I wish to be at my house in the phase (with the intention to carry out a planned step in mind)"

How often do you guys succeed in translocating to your houses compared to fouling when you attempt to do so?
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