Ended up suddenly

Deepening, maintaining, primary skills, translocation and finding objects

Ended up suddenly

Postby furduionut » Tue Sep 22, 2015 7:37 am

EXP : I entered the phase last night by using the indirect method and after the phantom wiggling worked i sepparated imediately. As soon as i get up i started palpatating my room's furniture and peering to examine the detail. I was looking at the furniture to realise how realistic it is and i started rubbing my hands and blow towards them but suddenly i got blacked out and for some reason i know it that i will return to the body (I forgot to grab an object from the phase for helping me to re-enter). Why did this happen ? the phase was deep enough + i was starting to maintain.
The second problem i got every night is that i can't re-enter the phase after a foul ( returning to the body ) because any techniques from my set i applied it seems that is useless and i feel that i can sleep anymore.

SELF EVALUATION : I think i was peering too long at the furniture while i was deepening the phase. But i'm not sure of it. I will appreciated if someone on this forum will give me "a hand of help" (don't know if that expresion exists in english).

P.S : I'm sorry if i disturb your sight with my english writting skills, it's not my primary language :)

Thanks ! :)
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