I got out this morning and flew around

Deepening, maintaining, primary skills, translocation and finding objects

I got out this morning and flew around

Postby Rudolph » Fri Mar 11, 2011 3:31 pm

I downloaded your ebook Sunday. I began trying the techniques the last few days. This morning I tried the wiggle and brain squeeze and rotation and I was going to give it up but decided to keep trying.

I finally just went with the rollout. I got the gentle back and forth rocking action going and then rolled over to the edge of the bed and started to fall and I was wondering if I was in my body and if it would hurt when I hit the floor, but I just floated gently down. I looked up and sections of my vision were blocked out so I started rubbing my hands together and it did help a little.

I headed up to the ceiling to go outside and bounced back down to the floor. I stood up and looked at my body under the blankets and saw my wife sitting there watching TV. I tried going out the wall and got out but then noticed that I was back in the room and seeing everything rotated sideways. Next I shot out the window and that worked well and soon I was out flying around. I shot way high and thought "I go to the place where the lottery numbers are" and I began flying through a mist and then I emerged near a large river and an island with a large red brick building was there and next to it a huge, black Egyptian mummy case that looked like it was made of carved onyx. I got a funny feeling about it and veered off and just kept flying around. I was having fun with it and put my arms out like a kid pretending to be an airplane or a bird. Then I pulled them in to my side and wondered if that would make me go faster.

The sky was a misty grey-ish blue like there was a morning fog that the sun was slowly burning off. I then plopped back in my body as my wife was trying to wake me up to look at the tsunami damage in Japan that was on the news just then.

Thanks for the motivation to keep trying every morning, Michael.
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Re: I got out this morning and flew around

Postby Michael Raduga » Fri Mar 11, 2011 9:29 pm

You are welcome. Keep doing it so
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