Re: Flying for the first time

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Flying for the first time

Postby ElRaay » Sat Sep 03, 2011 7:30 pm

Hey guys just wanted to share the first time i went flying in the phase.It just happened last night after maybe a week or 2 of doing the techniques again. It was a intresting phase experince.
I woke up and didnt move, i dont think i tried not to move its just i woke up realized i was awak but while eyes shut and laying down i decided to preform some techniques. The problem was i was sooo sleepy it was hard to remain aggresive through out the techniques. While i was doing the techniques i could feel vibrations and my body got really heavy but once again my mind was so sleepy that i couldnt tell if i was sleepy or if it was a dream i eventually roll out of my body. The seperation part was quite slow since the top part of my body easliy seperated but my feet were a bit sluggish. None the less when i seperated i realized that my room was not real since it was missing a bookshelf . So i preformed deepening techniques, and was very aggresive for deepening. I used my hands to clap and touch, and i examined the wall and such, slowly and slowly the foggy room become blue ray dvd. Now this is the fun part. I walked through a cllosed door and jumped down to the ground but i made sure i was going to fly because that was one of my plan of actions right before i slept.
Flying is soooooo much fun. I was suprised at how easy it was since i wasnt using my body to fly but my mind. I would somwhat imagine/tell my self go to the right or go higher. i didnt go too high and the phase itself was probably only 20 seconds but if felt like a minute or 2 in the air flying around my neighborhood than i went to this girls house who i do not recgonize but i didnt mind and indulged in some phase love <3 I woke up after that, i didnt preform re entry techniques cause i had to come here and tell you guys. Great experince. the Phase loving part was also a bonus since it felt just as real as a women in real life. Although I wasnt able to get to third base :) i was very happy she came to congratulate me on flying in the phase.
I also reccomend that you guys maintain the phase while flying. I forgot to use mainting techniques since i was so carried away with the ability to fly, next time ill make sure it will be fixed. Dont forget to maintain and deepen the phase. Til next time.

Happy travels.
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Re: Flying for the first time

Postby SuperGamer54321 » Mon Sep 05, 2011 4:38 pm

Wat did it feel like wen u seperated?
Happy Travels!!!
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Re: Flying for the first time

Postby Luna » Mon Sep 05, 2011 10:39 pm

Cool phase dude!!

How much fun is flying?!?!?! I've only done it once but I woke up so exhilarated! Love it.
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Re: Flying for the first time

Postby ElRaay » Tue Sep 06, 2011 6:28 am

I love flying too. I was actually suprised how fast i was going and yet i was able to control where i wanted to go. The best part was when i walked through a door and jumped above my stair railing and then flew around the neighborhood through this ladys house. Flying gave me a small sleep like adrenaline rush, it was probably the best phase experience i have ever had.
O and my seperations always seem to combined with some form of vibration after i hear some things in my ear. I dont force the sounds to get louder i just try to observe them. Alot of times its either noise or humming or a actual peice of music that i was listening before sleep. I like taking naps for phase practice and one time i woke up and i was on my stomach so i started to do the swimming technique and got a warm vibration all through my body, i knew that was a sign to seperate, other times i will do the techniques and fall into a very weird sleepy head mind set and i dream of seperating and then i use deepening techniques. Its wierd cause ever since i came back from my break i have lucid dream atleast every other night. I also keep a dream journal which is very helpful, Im still a novice but it was well worth it. I also had a hard time seperating my legs on that experince. Im sure it was just my legs being lazy :)
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Re: Flying for the first time

Postby Michael Raduga » Tue Sep 06, 2011 3:01 pm

Actually, I like it too but I rarely talk about it, because unexperienced people may say 'It's all what you can get from it? Just flying? What about parallel dimensions and Universal knowledge?'))) They just can't get how it really feels and how simple things in the phase may shock you
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Re: Flying for the first time

Postby Summerlander » Tue Sep 06, 2011 8:10 pm

Nice experience.  The impossible things we can do in the phase can be exhilarating and flying is fun.  And there is so much more that one can do.  Anything the imagination can conceive really.

Btw, Michael, I know exactly what you mean and I had a hard time explaining this to a group of people recently.  I tried to get them to consider the most feasible explanation and yet they refused to budge from their comfort-zone paradigm and held it as the absolute truth.  No matter.  All in good time and self-discovery.
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