NEWS: Questionnaire for practitioners with disabilities

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NEWS: Questionnaire for practitioners with disabilities

Postby Michael Raduga » Mon May 13, 2013 1:24 pm

For phase practitioners with disabilities! Please, fill out questionnaire for phase practitioners(lucid dreaming and OBE) living with disabilities. The OOBE Research Center needs it for researches. Email it to

Full name:


Country, city:

Email and phone number:

What kind of disability are you living with (general description, medical name of disability):

How important an event is entering the phase for you (having an out-of-body experience):

How many times have you experienced the phase state:

Do any of your limitations in the physical world occur there, and what emotions are aroused?

Do you think that it’s worth actively promoting this practice among those living with disabilities:

Are there any negative aspects to the practice of the phase for people living with disabilities:

Please describe in detail one or two of your most vivid experiences, as well as what happened to you:

Please, email it to
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