What is the best united term for OBE and LD?

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What is the best name of the phenomenon?

The Phase
Out-of-body experience(OBE)
Astral projection
Lucid dreaming
Parallel world
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What is the best united term for OBE and LD?

Postby Michael Raduga » Fri Jul 03, 2009 8:48 pm

The term phase state (or simply phase) encompasses a number of widely known dissociative phenomena, many of which are referred to by various terms, such as astral or out-of-body travel. This concept also includes the more pragmatic term lucid dreaming, but does not always exist in the sense and form implied by that expression. Hence, the term phase has been introduced to ease the study of phenomena that exist beyond habitual - and often unfair
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Re: What is the best name of the phenomenon?

Postby Goddes » Sun Feb 07, 2010 10:50 am

Phase or OBE :)
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Re: What is the best name of the phenomenon?

Postby Oblivion » Fri Apr 02, 2010 3:32 am

All terms will do, except parallel world, because one can travell to parallel world being in the phase:).
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Re: What is the best name of the phenomenon?

Postby White Mist » Fri Aug 31, 2012 9:11 pm

The Phase
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Re: What is the best name of the phenomenon?

Postby Summerlander » Sun Sep 02, 2012 2:49 pm

For simplicity, in my studies and when I socialise here, I employ the term "phase" or "phase state".  I have also used it in a book I'm writing which is my account on the phenomenon.

Still, despite habitually using the broad term "phase", I will at times say "OOBE" in order to be more descriptive of certain experiences - especially those in which we seemingly separate from the physical body and are free to roam in an externalised simulation of reality - and "lucid dreaming" in order to remind myself and others of the goal of achieving the optimal phase state - after all, to fully appreciate the experience we want to know that we are in the phase (tis all about reaching a high degree of lucidity whilst dreaming and maintaining that).

Hence, I will say that, mainly, the "Phase = OOBEs/LDs" without having to go into detail about how it can also give rise to false awakenings, alien abduction simulations, the old hag syndrome and other hallucinatory experiences.

I despise the term "astral projection" as it connotes the supposedly unquestionable existence of spiritual planes, discarnate beings, and only serves to perpetuate the esoteric farce.

Today, we have Thomas Campbell and his cohorts giving the once pragmatic "OOBE" term a farcical name.  Robert Bruce et al have already conveniently allied themselves to such garbled pseudo-scientific tripe.  And then we have more tomfoolery (LOL, tom...) from certain individuals promoting "quantum jumping".  LOL!  Quantum jumping?  We're like electrons now exploring many versions of our electric universe. ;D

I wholeheartedly accept that what is experienced in the phase is hallucinatory.  The question is, will you accept them as illusions or exteriorise them.  Speaking of exteriorisation... I am open to it to a certain degree... 

I'm still on the fence when it comes to the eventuation of Michael Persinger's "telepathy" within the geomagnetic sphere.  Perhaps all our brains are connected to the point that at times shared experience in altered states of consciousness is permitted. 

Perhaps technology can boost cerebral connectivity all over the planet and generate something like the Matrix or Johnny Mnemonic's Mindnet.  I hear that we are not far off from a Total Recall agency. 8)

Whatever the interconnectedness of things may provide for us consciousness-wise, the dreaming still happens in our heads from some stimulation or other.  All we do is dream inasmuch as we dream up the world while we're awake. 

That's right, we are always dreaming.  The dreaming is moulded by our active sensory input to provide us with our version of understanding objective reality... or at least give us the glimpse that we need, because, as complex as the picture in our heads is, there is a lot more frequencies-wise that we do not inherently detect.

I am also open to the possibility that, because we are the universe, we are able to experience everything within us and acquire an infinitude of intriguing perspectives.  In the phase, we may be able to glimpse nature on a profound level.  We may be able to, for instance, behold and be selective about mankind's memory reservoir. 

We may even be able and learn to distinguish the highest ranking probabilities for the future (vis-à-vis precognition) since the very fabric of space-time is interwoven with our physical constitution.

What is likely to be of utmost value in this life when it comes to the phase state is the great opportunity to get to know ourselves... since we often are our worst enemies!! :-\ 

Plunge into the great unconscious, see what you are, and what you can become. Develop your own account of what is experienced during this state of consciousness regardless of what you might have heard others say, and, as the ancient Greek aphorism goes: Know Thyself.


To lucidity... and beyond...
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The Phase = Lucid Dreaming / Out-of-Body Experience / Astral Projection
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