The way of your first phase (OBE, LD etc.)

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The way of your first Phase

Indirect techniques
Dream consciousness
Direct techniques
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The way of your first phase (OBE, LD etc.)

Postby Michael Raduga » Mon Feb 01, 2010 5:29 pm

For me it was indirect technique

Direct techniques are performed without any noticeable lapse in consciousness. While practicing direct techniques, a lapse into sleep for less than 5 minutes is not considered a breach of the technique.  

Indirect techniques are techniques that are put into practice upon awakening from sleep.

Dream consciousness is acquired by techniques that allow entrance to the phase through what is commonly referred to as lucid dreaming.
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Re: Way for your first Phase (OBE, LD etc.)

Postby Oblivion » Fri Apr 02, 2010 4:52 am

It was Dream consciousness. I realized that I had been in a dream long ago, when I hadn’t the slightest idea of any OBE. Later I did it intentionally. Once in the evening I concentrated on a black dot for 10minutes and that very night I had my first experience in  lucid dreaming.   
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