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Here is a lot of text, so you’ll need a lot of patience to read it. And sorry for my English, I translated it by myself, so I could make mistakes. This post is already exists on Russian version of this forum .

In the first part of that post described a story and results of my lottery play, which I played using lucid dreams and simple dreams. In the second part I present a model of conscious based on my results. At the end I tried to make some conclusions of that model and, in particular, introduce the method of dream interpretation.

Originally my research started as a pursuit of big money, with lots of mysticism and esotericism. Unfortunately for me, I failed in the final model to completely get rid of the mysticism, so now anyone will be able to recognize that research as the next pseudo-scientific nonsense.
This mysticism I’ll call postulates, in virtue of the fact that I can't prove it and I have to take them in the form in which they have succeeded.
The second problem is the evidence base of my model that lies in the complexity of the experiment confirming it. In particular, my own experiment is quite long, it lasted just over 4 years. Of course it's not every day I could devote to this study, and there were breaks for a month or three when I was thrown, and then returned. But in any case, one day, week or even month may not be enough.

Prehistory of the research.
In early October 2010, I in case of my work changed residence and moved from the Tomsk city (Siberia) in the Khabarovsk city the capital of the Russian Far East. As it happened, I found that I was not morally and financially ready to relocate. The city was expensive and the money I used to live in Tomsk, is clearly not enough. In the end, after buying an apartment with loan, I had left moneyless.
My wife with daughter were supposed to come to me just after the New Year, when I do get settle in the new location. Things at work went too slow, possible to say practice was 2 hours a day on the force, the rest of the time I was in my thoughts. Winter had started, and all time out of work I spent at apartment with no TV, with no money, with nothing to do.
Somewhere in the month of November, comes to my mind the idea to try to solve my financial problems with the help of lottery. Never before I was not interested in it because from the mathematics point of view the probability of winning is very small, and the list of lottery players in the essentially may be called the "census of fools." But for some reason I decided that exactly I'll get lucky in this game with probability and I in one step will solve all my problems. I decided to play in lottery which I can choose numbers, because in that way it is only my responsibility do I win or do I loss.
As mathematics says “just betting combination will not increase my change to win”, and I decided to study another's experience. I started to read about lottery on the Internet and came to the site where in the article "Dream in hand" had read about the existence of "lucid dream". Besides, in this article was the idea that during sleep the brain can solve complex problems. And I had remembered how at my school time and University years, I already met the phenomenon when in preparation for the competition and solving tasks, I fall asleep and in my dreams continued to solve them and sometimes correctly. There was one case when in my dream I had the answer to the chemistry problem, but I ignored it because I thought it was wrong, but in the end the dream was correct.
So I started interested in "lucid dreams", I did some digging on the Internet and found a whole bunch of books on that subject. A couple of books I have read and tried to act on them, but these methods written there were very inefficient and I not received anything from that. Then I found a video with Michael Raduga’s seminar "out of body for three days", it was not necessary to read, and it pleased me.
The film consisted of 6 files and suggested viewing for three days starting from Friday. In this case no one was to disturb and distract, neither light nor noise, neither man nor beasts. All that I had at these time.
On the second day I’ve got lucid. And I enthusiastically started to search numbers for lottery in the "lucid dreams". My attempts lasted about three months, two or three times a week, after which it was abandoned due to the lack of any kind of efficiency.
At this post I decided to not describe my experience of exploring “lucid dream”, cause I don't see the point. There's a bunch of other books, and about the lack of efficiency in the search for numbers can be found in the book Petrova N. P. "The foresight and programming of the lottery results" (in russian only) in which he describes in some detail his numbers search, and we can read about it on the forums site, and
The next phase of my life lasted for two months from early January to early March 2011. That period promised me incredible wealth, but this has not happened to this day. But it got me within a few years, ask myself the question, "what it was, and why I was given that? If now all my attempts give no results ".

First results.
January 2011, new year holidays goes and I alone sit two weeks at home without a TV, with a limited budget and now don't even remember how I spent my time. I only remember that I went to bed quite early sometimes at 8 pm when it was getting dark, and woke up 9 am when lightened. My family was still in Tomsk. In that time I have practiced "lucid dreams" and actively sought the numbers for lottery. That time I played the lottery "Gosloto 6 out of 45", they had all-time online broadcast from their studio. As for successful practice of "lucid dreams" was recommended to keep a dream diary, so I always kept near my bed a piece of paper and a pen to record dreams. At that moment, I didn't write dates and did not keep these papers after feeling them.
Additionally, for playing every lottery draw I did the so-called "carrier combination" - 16, 19, 25, 12, 13, 35. (created it from the date of my birth)
And then one January night I had a dream, very short but vivid dream, in which I, as if from above, look at the guy whom draws on the pavement the equation 24+4= , but this equation is written for upside down (like thisImage) and the digit 4 in it means 4 tablets of glycine and I don't need it (in dream I just knew that I don’t need that tablets). This dream was a bit strange in the sense that the dream was bright enough so I still remember it clearly.
A couple of days after this dream I have another dream. I am in an apartment building on the 16th floor in the office where my mother-in-law, and I'm looking for my daughter. Then I went on the 11th floor which was exactly the same. After I ran down and awake.
Just a less then week at 19.01.2011 happened draw 223 and the result was the next – 42, 16, 11, 13, 28, 35.
Looking at this result, I immediately thought of these two dreams with numbers 16, 11 and 28 (solve of equation). Numbers 13, 35 was from my "carrier combination". At first I even "tried to bite my own elbow", but consoled myself with the fact that the number 42 I had not. And only after a few weeks I noticed that the equation was written upside down and the number 24 written upside down can easily be read as 42. This fact, when I realized that I had all the numbers needed to win the lottery, but I couldn't use it, makes me a bit shocked, because literally I was given a prize of 50 million rubles (1,5 millions dollars).
Then I started to pay more attention to dreams themselves, but the practice of "lucid dreams" don't quit. In one of the February dreams I see how the yacht with the number 17 ahead of a yacht with the number 25. And I decided to use both these numbers in my combination. On February 16 was draw 231 with the result– 16, 19, 34, 13, 12, 35 which has only one different number from my "carrier combination". But as I used numbers 17 and 25 in each combination, I did not win second category prize. And I again began to "bite my elbows". At that time I thought to myself that maybe the yachts I saw was just imagination, not a dream.
It was second time I was close to win the lottery. And it pushed me to review what I've done and how I can win the lottery using this information and prevent more such errors.
And I made the assumption that my brain in a sleep state is able to solve huge tasks, including searching for result of draw, but on the condition that it is loaded only solution to this problem.
And I began more diligently to explore the Internet in search of something similar but all I found is only short remarks in one or two sentences or even a refutation of the possibility of solving complex problems in dreams.
On February 22, I went to sleep with intention that tonight I will see dream of the next draw of "Gosloto 6 out of 45". That night I had two dreams and in the second dream I was at the hotel on the 3rd floor in the room and brushed my teeth. Suddenly I realized that I forgot my soap in other room, I ran to find it. I was looking for it on the 3rd floor in four rooms, 2 rooms on even side and 2 on odd side. Not finding on the 3rd floor I went up on the 4th floor and ran into the 1st room and tried to find there. Then I went outside and found that this hotel embedded in the rock, and near the foot of the rock, there is a final stop of bus No. 25. In the next 234th draw on February 26, dropped balls with numbers 26, 36, 39, 38, 33, 41. So again I had 5 numbers. This fact be regarded as a mere coincidence I could not, Although the bus was 25th and not the 26th.
March 4, 2011 I went to bed again with the intention to get the result of the next draw. That night I had a dream about how I'm standing in the kitchen of my parents (not sure, but it seems that the mother and sister were sitting at the table, and I was standing near the sink) and look at my watch, at first watch I had was digital and after looking at them I saw that the time was 19-00, then an hour passed and the clock was already 20-00, and then I looked at the watch and they had become mechanical with arrows and the time was evening 11-27. And I woke up.
And the next evening was the 236th draw of the lottery "Gosloto 6 out of 45" in which fell the following numbers 19, 20, 27, 11, 8, 36. In this edition I have won about 3 thousand rubles.
But in any case, I came to the conclusion that I have opened some talent and now I able to change my life. But my success ended and I no more repeat even close to such results.
What interrupted me to achieve results, I didn't know, but I do know what happened at those day. 1st fact – on March 6 after 5 months ago my wife with my daughter come to me and we again began to live together, 2nd fact - "Gosloto" stopped their live broadcast of draws and events from the studio.
Here is such an interesting period of my life that happened with me in 2011. I almost had my hands on jackpot but did not take it. Why? I do not know. And so the final chapters will be only the model allowing somehow explain what had happened.
Much later I came across a forum site and there in one topic the user with the nickname "alexbond68" is also very briefly described that he twice dreamed with winning combinations but he was not able to make use of them. And on the forum website user with the nickname Dream (Victoria in real life) which is also quite in detail described her same results, rationally she could not explain, but decided to share it with everyone.
And all of this is constantly pushing me to think about that, and things that was happened to me is peculiar to any person, and it is sufficient only to understand the mechanism of what is happening and to create certain conditions.

Being quite motivated, by the possibility of winning the jackpot, in the period from March 2011 to November 2013, I with irregular intervals was trying to get the numbers of balls, using dreams, the results were disastrous. During this time I tried to create different conditions: I starved myself, closed myself for days at room and so much more.
As a result, for two and a half years, my success can be attributed to the average.
The only slight echoes resembling something similar to my expectations was evident at 2nd-3rd day of starves, but after that if I continue it or finished it was gone. Sometimes it happened spontaneously during periods when my wife with daughter were absent for weeks. Say with confidence that I had in these periods some results I can't, because the ratio of won and lost amounts not much beyond the scope of probability theory. Moreover, in that period I rushed from one lottery to another, in the hope that there may be the results will be better.
At this time I found the site on which a huge number of topics about the lottery, including mystical themes. The site is completely in English and there are people whom did not hesitate to attempt to discuss how to win the lottery using the "lucid dreams", or through unconscious dreams. But attempts to study that forum did not give results, the information was very cluttered. But the main conclusion I made was that I'm not the only crazy guy, that gave me the opinion that maybe I had overestimated the results of my lottery play. Due to the fact of my ordinary and boring life I tired and take propensity to believe in miracles, wrongly succumbed to some kind of paranoia.
In the end, after another failure to win jackpot, and in view of the results of the previous part, in November of 2013 I decided that it is necessary to systematize a method that will allow to evaluate the results and will put the end on that story. And the first thing I did, it’s started a diary to collect results and tried to analyze them.
By that time I already had some guesses about the mechanisms determining the numbers. I stopped playing the lottery "Gosloto 6 out of 45", in view of the critical topics on the forums site and in which authors basing of mathematics and the analyzing of recorded draw, pretty convincingly argued that the organizers of the lottery "Gosloto" with a purpose to keep money to themselves is to substitute the results of the drawings. These criticisms later became the Postulate No. 1. And I began to play the Australian Powerball lottery on the website . This lottery I chose for the reasons that it was necessary to guess 6 balls out of 40 plus 1 out of 20. I thought my brain during sleep, calculates the estimated result and mathematical model 6 of 40 should be much easier than 6 out of 45.
My major assumptions was the idea that in a state of loneliness, or during the hunger strike, those parts of the brain that is responsible for ensuring interaction with other people, for digestion and for the review of information obtained from television and the Internet can reallocate its resources for other tasks (in my case it's a lottery), but it might take some time. These assumptions coincided with the conclusions made in the book Norman Doidge “The Brain That Changes Itself” The author of this book as I think is of the opinion that this process is quite lengthy.
In 2015 in the book of Patricia Garfield's "Creative dreaming" I also found the mention that "lack of food and isolation lead to increase the brain activity." I by that time has already departed from the idea of hunger strikes, due to the fact that it leads to a complete breakdown my energy and at the dreams I see only foods. I found that it is much more efficient to do the food is repetitive unvaried, but to keep the caloric content at a high level for normal functioning.
And within weeks, I practiced the monotonous diet, isolation from people and from any other kind of information. During these times I was filled with intent, like "at whatever was in the dream to see and memorize the correct result of the particular drawing of a particular lottery", just forced myself not to move, but I wasn't supposed to lucid in, I had to sleep, in my head was supposed to be only one goal, to get these numbers. In my case these numbers I have ever seen, that is, they have always been written somewhere.
As a result, for the November 2013 – February 2015 I had 573 of recorded dreams, 171 pages of text, and 1438 stakes for a period of 54 draws.
And here I describe the data on my game.
Table 1 shows the probability of winning prizes of different categories and distribution of monetary prizes. Rules are as follows: the player selects six main numbers from 1 to 40 and one additional number from 1 to 20. In order to win the smallest prize must be matched 2 main balls and 1 extra. To get the maximum prize you must match all 6 main numbers and 1 extra ball. Draws are held one time per week on Thursdays and they allow the participation of foreign nationals to the game via online purchase of tickets. The game I led with a short break starting from draw 919 dated 26.12.2013 till the draw 973 dated 08.01.2015. During this period I have bought 98 tickets that contain 1438 stakes. Spent 1352$ 704,4 of which I won. Bets were made on the following principle: the numbers were taken from my dreams, and if not enough then an additional number was selected randomly. For the drawing I tried to spend no more than 10$, but if I won then all the money spent in the next draws. At bedtime I tried to see only for main numbers. The extra number doesn't interest me, that would not be any confusion from the resulting numbers, where to put. After the New Year 2015 I decided to take stop point.

Table 1. The probability of coincidence of the numbers and distribution of prizes in Australian lottery Powerball
In the following table 2, is quote I made bets that won prizes, this table has only statistical information.

Table 2. Statistics of wining tickets for the period from December 25 2013 to January 8, 2015
In table 3, I attempted to analyze my results and compare them with mathematical expectations.
Table No. 3.
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Explanatory notes for table No. 3: initially, I calculated how much money I won and how it relate to the expectations and turned out that I have deviation at 49%. But we can’t consider this evaluation criterion as deviation from the probability theory, as the weight (in dollars) at stakes in different category of prizes is different.
Therefore, I analyzed numbers of stakes that won. And got deviation in 83%.
For deeper analysis I counted which categories I won and then I got an even stronger deviation from mathematical expectation. 7th category prize of the deviation was 333 percent. On 8-th and 6-th by 37 and 33 percent, respectively.
And I incline to think this deviation from the probability theory as quite significant. What caused this significant deviation I will try to describe within the model are shown below.
And the most important thing in this part of the post, is that the data shown in tables 1, 2 and 3 can be trusted (All tickets had been registered in the personal cabinet. They were all made at least an hour before the draw. After drawing all the tickets keep in the history, and it is impossible delete them from there. Thus I could not fit the results, or somehow cheated).
Unfortunately on this the information uniquely reliable and resistant to verification, is end.
And now we go to the philosophy. And I present a model in which I tried to explain what I see within 4 years. All these years I tried to understand how my subconscious can receive information about the lottery, and that's all I figure out.

Model of my conscious.
To build the model, we have to accept as truth next three statements, called postulates.
Postulate No. 1. Present knowledge changes future.
In other words. The future is not clearly defined and can be easily changed by (conscious) action in the present.
This conclusion was made after reading the forums on the site and The authors of several topics, basing on various data proved that the organizers of the lottery "Gosloto", with the aim of preventing withdrawal of the prizes of the first category in the hands of normal players, can do those results which suit them, on the analysis of the stokes data. Themes these are quite large and the reasons cited are many, but in this post no matter whether it's true or not.
I tried to make the following thought experiment:
"Imagine that you can with 100% certainty predict the outcome of the lottery (for example you are God). But I as the organizer of the lottery know all your stokes and don't want to give you the jackpot, and with all this, the conditions of the drawing make it so easy to give my desired combination (I can just take-of some balls, or other way of cheating). In this case, no matter how improbable or fantastic abilities of the predictor or calculator you have, no matter how well you knew the future, it will be change for you.
Of course you can make stoke just in a notebook, instead of buying a ticket and say "Here it is, the future has not changed!" But we are not talking about that. We say that such a thought experiment allows us to show that changing the future is incredibly easy."
Postulate no. 2. Subconscious is absolute knowledge.
In this post, this postulate asserts that the subconscious is a sort of absolute knowledge about everything and all processes. It has no time limits, no limitations in distances and speeds. Or it subconscious has an access to absolute knowledge.
I will try to explain how obtained this postulate. After receiving the experimental deviation from expectation in 333%, I tried to assess what the subconscious is capable of. Because based on the results, I can try to assert that subconscious chooses the numbers better than me. I tried to overlay all kinds of restrictions, but every time I came to the conclusion that "it is just impossible to predict the lottery results." And from this it appeared that either I'm totally wrong and just incorrectly interpreting results, or the subconscious is really capable for something.
So I decided to continue to develop the idea of the great abilities of the subconscious, and after I already thought about that its capabilities are above mine by several levels, then in this case I can safely set it to the level of absolute knowledge, neglecting the phenomena of a lower levels.
But as soon as I gave him the level of absolute knowledge I have to overlay on subconscious a few restrictions:
1. Subconscious cannot influence on the physical word. Because general theory of relativity says that nothing in the word cans interact faster than light speed. It can work with the physical word only thru our memory*.
2. And postulate No. 1.
Postulate No. 3. Safety first.
That conclusion I made based on an analysis of my dreams. I have wondered – “What is important for my subconscious? After all, I have 4 years telling him that it is very important to win the lottery, but it doesn’t want to do my order. So only occasionally tossing me a couple of numbers, and sometimes seems intentionally confusing me. Why my subconscious doesn't want to comply with my opinion and my desires. Is it not interested that we were rich and lived in pleasure?”
And I once again had analyses all my dreams, and I took attention to repeated images. I found that all dreams with numbers, which was present my daughter, or I was in the apartment, ran through the buildings, on floors, in hotel rooms, in the classrooms, all these numbers were appearing in draw. At the same time, the number of which in dreams were related to cars (buses, airplanes, ships), films, video and cinema (this category does not include concerts and performances) then these numbers clearly was not in draw. I looked again at these images and tried to understand what's so special about them.
And in the end, I came to the conclusion that my subconscious doesn't like cars and films, but loves my daughter, houses, buildings and apartments. I noticed these images for quite some time, but had never tried to understand their nature. In the end, after a lot of consideration, I suggested that they symbolize safety or symbolize danger:
• Cars (its appearance or its management, in the context of lotteries always gave a negative result, they also include airplanes, yachts and buses) – certainly constitutes a danger for life, speed of movement exceeding the speed of movement on foot, which at times increases the probability of death.
• Films (videos, cinemas, and porno in the context of lotteries also always gave a negative result.) – for long time I could not figure out this. So let me explain this phenomenon after the description of the model.
• The house (floors, apartments, hotel rooms, classrooms in the context of lotteries have always been positive) – there is probably even no need to explain, apparently the conscious feels safe behind sturdy walls, and this condition it likes.
• My daughter (in the context of lotteries has always been positive) – personally I never gave any attention to maternal instinct, and always thought it belong only to women and not to men. But now during my research I come to the conclusion that my subconscious loves my daughter, and so clearly associating my daughter with my safety. Looks like our children are the way to keep safe of parents.
And so four image disassembled, and what is next. After all, the postulate No. 3 repeats the well-known truth that all living beings instinctively seek to protect themselves and their offspring for the survival of the species.
Taking into account the three postulates we can construct the following adaptive model of conscious:

• Possesses absolute knowledge or has an access to it.
• knows future without restrictions of time and distance.
• Subconscious does not control our physiological processes, it can't do. It can works with it only thru our memory
• The main aim of subconscious, is our safety. It also considers that the preservation of our posterity, also provides for our security.
• Knows that the future can be easily changed, so keeps subconscious in secret from mind, cause in other way future will come unpredictable.
• Subconscious operates strictly in accordance with certain rules, perhaps these rules written in the genetic code (this statement is based on the fact that identical twins for some age see the same dreams).
• Unconscious can be trained and exposed to suggestions.
• Unconscious replies for our reflexes and physiology.
• Mind is a very curious and seeking knowledge and pleasure*. So our thirst for power and money due to the fact as far as our consciousness is rooted in the understanding that these things will bring us pleasure.
• It is able to think in a very distant future (in particular, to dream, to suffer and be offended), believes it is perfectly acceptable to ignore the obvious facts, and therefore it makes mistakes and this defines risk appetite and reckless behavior.
• It controls the concentration of attention and intentions (including the actions), it has the freedom of will in contrast to the unconscious.
• Mind in highly susceptible to suggestions, even feelings such as hunger, pain or self-preservation can easily be muted and ignored in the result of any thoughts, ideas, beliefs or as a result of the focus on external or internal stimuli.
*memory and the of the pursuit of pleasure and knowledge taken from the book Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi "Flow, The Psychology of Optimal Experience ".
As a result we have a system that is quite effective and reliable, and has a high degree of adaptation to external conditions. Subconscious in it trying to protect and preserve, and the mind strives for development and everything new.

Possible conclusions of this model
Here I will describe a few of consequences arising from the model.
Dreams – are the way of formation an unconsciousness correct response and behaviors to a certain stimuli. Dreams produce reflexes. Dreams can correct our behavior and attitude towards some things if it was wrong from the point of view of the subconscious or prepare us for something, or answer on our questions. This approach allows new way to interpret them. (Here I want to say that, the feelings that we experience during dreams, and the thoughts which we encounter during dreams, the actions we commit, all this are shown to us. And the purpose of this we have to develop a reflex reaction, a certain way of thinking, etc. Everything else – people, objects, decor, etc. – all auxiliary images, and they can be any). And all this makes for our safety.
Feelings - are also a kind of reflexes. For example the feeling of fear is the right reaction to a threatening situation. So young children are seeing in dreaming bear are frightened and trying to escape and to hide. This model of behavior will enable them in future to respond to mortal danger. And if they dreamt as they can easily kill a bear, in reality that can cost them lives. Similar reasoning can be described a sense of humor, hunger, etc. If a man in the dream falls and feels fear, so he develops a fear of falling. Some way it is better to fall in sleep than in awake.
Films, videos, and cinemas – initially I had complication with this concept. But in the end came to the conclusion that in the films there are many scenes which would have occurred in reality would be a real danger to our life. But in the cinema we by will-power suppress fear, and not react to these incentives. Which leads to the formation of wrong behaviors and may eventually cost us our lives. Also in theaters (trying not to show our weaknesses) we can will-power to suppress a feeling of pity, compassion and much more.
Example: "You are watching a horror movie. On TV at this time running around the monsters, but you no matter what sit back and watch. In this case, in your nearest dreams you are most likely to dream again of the horrors, only this time you'll be very afraid and try to run away and hide and maybe even die. This dreams have aim to change errors in your behavior"
Immortality and the meaning of life - this problem has the following question: "If subconscious is so smart and knows everything and worry about our safety and survival, why aren't its make us immortal?". The answer to this question is next: “Subconscious thinks that our offspring is ensure our immortality. Also in this case, we can assume that the main purpose of life is the accumulation of knowledge and expansion of conscious. Thus we can assume that the accumulation of knowledge has to lead to the duration of life increase, as this amount of knowledge is necessary to study and pass. And it is possible that in the future, we as a species, strive for absolute knowledge and immortality, similar to our subconscious. The life expectancy will most likely increase due to the development of medicine and related scientific knowledge, healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, but we as a species have to get 2-3 of higher education and more and the retirement age we will push further and further.

In this model, we can describe such phenomena as intuition, blindsight, etc. But I decided to stop here. Since immortality can be replaced by the equivalent of stopping time. In physics this phenomenon is well known. And I don't very much want to believe that I aspire to become a black hole.

Principles of public safety.
So how do these findings affect my results playing the lottery? It turns out that my desire to win the lottery is only superficially desire. I can imagine that once I get the money I will buy a car, a new apartment, the forehand in more safe area, or even in another country, I ever become famous, I will eat only in expensive restaurants and flying business class all over the world. All of these things according to my understanding is supposed to bring me pleasure.
But my subconscious don’t care about the pleasure, it wants my security. Money alone will not ensure safety. A car, a plane?, but subconscious wants the opposite so I stayed away from them because they are dangerous. "New apartment, new country?, even if it is less crime, so my reflexes are not ready new conditions. Whatever's next on the list, "become famous", but the subconscious is ready to lock myself in the apartment and not to leave from there. All these incentives are fear for my subconscious, and it is not to aspire to them. It does not like a lot of money because they dramatically change your life, and your reflexes and knowledge to that is not ready yet.
Under the assumptions about the security, there is a notion of public security. Suppose, that someone commits violent acts with your offspring. For your subconscious this means that violent acts are committed with you personally, and if you have not violated reflexes you should react accordingly. At the same time the offender for the offence jug to the camera, behind strong walls and iron door, feed him, warm, and guarded. His subconscious dreamt about it, it's a better life it could imagine, And now when he will be released from there, now accustomed to his new condition, the unconscious will seek to return there, because of it it's quieter and safer. Of course the functions of the mind responsible for the curiosity and pursuit of knowledge will suffer. But will power it off.
After all described above may say: When people on the roads drive carefully, do not exceed speed and do not drive through a red light. When on the streets are no drunks. When people do not walk their dogs without muzzles. When your neighbour do not keep at his house a gun from which you could be shoot. When people consider their duty to observe the laws, rules and regulations. This list can be continued indefinitely. Then your subconscious is relaxing, it knows that in the current situation, you can pay less attention to the development reflexes of survival, and more to the development of knowledge, as in this case, it releases the potential of consciousness. And then if not you then someone else will suddenly find the answer to some important question. Will find a cure for cancer and save your children and grandchildren. Someone else will find a huge source of clean energy. To learn how to make intergalactic jumps and will find a new habitable planet and will solve the issue of overpopulation.

Practical applies.
About lotteries. I regret to say that at the time of writing this post, I still not won the lottery.
The only practical apply I found from this story is the method of dream interpretation. But all I’ve got were:
1. In dreams I refuse to eat pork and beef. From meat I eat only chicken and fish, and both are better fried.
2. Despite the fact that in dreams I don't eat beef, I can eat all milk products.
3. In dreams I refuse to eat food heated in any microwave.
4. In dreams I watch and worry about the state of my teeth.
5. In dreams I play sports and in particular running.
6. In dreams I pay much attention to my daughter.
7. In dreams I show interest in learning foreign languages. (that’s why I decided to translate this post)
So I not received any great revelations and knowledge from my dreams.
My wife sometimes tells me her dreams, and in her dreams she is good with tomatoes and apples, which is not in my dreams.
And now I’m thinking what the next step to do.
That is the end. And thanks for reading. I hope it will be useful.
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