Skijumping to Parkour training in the Phase

Using the phase (OBE/LD) in our real life for useful purposes

Skijumping to Parkour training in the Phase

Postby Mikey » Sun Oct 15, 2017 10:19 am

Just a couple of quick examples of leisure activities I've enjoyed in the Phase:

1) Found myself on skis in the snow and thought it would be nice to do a ski-jump. So a scene appeared for me, with a competitor who went first. Then me - I had the whole experience of going down the ramp, the take-off and landing - and I can't even ski that well.

2) Wandering around a busy square, after 2 failed teleportation attempts, I decided this would be a good chance to practise some parkour flips and vaults. Of course it was safe and easy (after all I could levitate), but it was fun nevertheless.

3)More than once I've manifested a motorcycle and gone for a ride. One was across a desert landscape that I understood as south Spain, only because I came to a ferry port that crossed to Morocco. The motorcycle I manifested for that trip was a Honda Goldwing - it had pouches on the front that contained a passport and drivers license...I didn't manifest them deliberately.

4) In one of my latest excursions, I half manifested an old bi-plane - took off while it was still manifesting around me - but I woke before I had chance to really enjoy a long flight.

All great fun!!!
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