The Use of the Term and Application in Self-integration

Using the phase (OBE/LD) in our real life for useful purposes

The Use of the Term and Application in Self-integration

Postby Summerlander » Mon Sep 24, 2012 9:44 pm


An impartial name to the phenomenon of OOBEs and lucid dreaming is long due.  Such term should be one that will arouse curiosity in as many people as possible, from the religious/spiritualist to the hard-nosed sceptic/materialist.  The term should not alienate anybody whatever their background and beliefs, but should, instead, encourage more people to explore other states of consciousness. 

Without going into detail about the dogmatic astral projection affair, which is biased and can impede the study of the real phenomenon in question, the mention of being “out-of-bodyâ€
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The Phase = Lucid Dreaming / Out-of-Body Experience / Astral Projection
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