Re: Can an experienced AP come guide a beginner?

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Can an experienced AP come guide a beginner?

Postby Momluvshilary » Mon Jul 02, 2012 3:11 am

I can get to a vibrational state very easy- sometimes I feel as if I'm floating above my body- if I allow that to continue- I will flip to an upside down position- if I freak out a bit and open my eyes- ill be laying where I was- awake---- I have also been wide awke and felt a very soft kiss on the lips- was that another projector? THANK YOU! SUNSHINE & SMILES, sherry
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Re: Can an experienced AP come guide a beginner?

Postby Summerlander » Mon Jul 02, 2012 11:47 am

You can buy Michael Raduga's SOBT or even download it for free to read it.  Everything you need is in there! ;)
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Re: Can an experienced AP come guide a beginner?

Postby 12padams » Mon Jul 02, 2012 1:09 pm

The answer is both yes and no depending on your definition of "another astral projector". Yes, I was pulled out of my body in 2009 (after planning this in real life) by "another persons astral body" and had the other astral projector recall what I did over msn upon awakening. Note that although what he said was accurate there was not enough recalled information to confirm the astral theory of linked consciousness and experiences is completely real.

The answer can be 100% true however if that "other astral projector" is allowed to be a creation of the mind and not really another person projecting consciously from their body. In other words your mind creates an astral projector who can pull you into the phase without any effort on your part. This is my current goal and to do this you will require the following steps to be performed:

1. Enter the phase and find a person there that you have never met before in real life. I have already done this myself.

2. Befriend that person and get them to show you around the phase a little. Get them to keep you in the phase by holding your hand or rubbing your non-physical/astral body as the phase begins to fade/you return to your body. This way you can stay in the phase without even trying.

3. Set up an arrangement with the phase friend you made. Tell them to pull you out of your body every night at 4am. They will be the perfect lucidity trigger (you never see them in real life) and you don't even need to try to pull yourself out of your body because they will connect you to the phase by touching you and pulling you into it.

It doesn't matter if they are a real person astral projecting to you, an entity living in the astral/phase or even a creation of your own mind. Whatever they are the method of getting them to pull you out and keep you out will still work as long as you set it up...

Lastly just for your info the general idea here is that the astral/phase is completely created by your subconscious mind. Although we may talk about the spiritual theory in this section of the forum it's more about disproving/critically analysising "proof" rather than "knowing" it's "real".

Good luck Momluvshilary :)
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