i made myself lucid dreamand it was working but i made my slf stop i felt ting

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Re: i made myself lucid dreamand it was working but i made my slf stop i felt ting

Postby 12padams » Tue Aug 07, 2012 7:22 am

Your baby is safe, trust me. I have never heard of a baby dying due to their mother astral projecting. If you really are worried just don't astral project and make all the precautions to not do it spontaneously.

I have been messing around dangerously with spiritual things the spiritual experts say not too. I am alive, my baby sister is alive and I can promise you too will be safe. The astral has a limited connection to the physical so your extremely safe.

P.S this website promotes the idea that the astral is a state in which you are conscious within a world created by your subconscious.
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