The Astral Projector's Predicament

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The Astral Projector's Predicament

Postby Summerlander » Fri May 12, 2017 3:26 am

So I decided to check this astral projection forum after Rebecca Turner's lucid dreaming website played up with a weird glitch. I commented and pretty much stated that a belief in astral projection is unfounded. This dude called me 'close minded'.

I wouldn't say I'm close-minded. Take fairies, for example. I don't believe in them but I am open-minded enough to allow such concept the status of a hypothesis. Moreover, I can come up with a hypothetical scenario that will make fairies seem more feasible than the idea of God. And yet, I don't believe in fairies--do you?

What does the concept of God entail? Attributes that---given enough thought---we come to realise render the whole notion paradoxical, nonsensical and untenable. He is omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent and infinite--which requires Him to be omnibenevolent and omnimalevolent. So the questions are begged: Can God kill Himself? Can the Almighty create Excalibur? Who understands the psychopath better than himself?

The majority of people on Earth believe in a god, or gods/deities, but I do NOT because I think like Epicurus. Am I silly about having my reasons for disbelief? Fairies could be detected by the untrained eye, such as that of children. Nippers could be clueless about the obvious world and yet inadvertently detect hidden extensions of reality. They could be jacks of all trades and masters of none.

Adults, on the other hypothetical hand, tend to focus on the OBVIOUS world and have not mastered it. Hypothetically speaking STILL, seen as atoms vibrate, bond to form molecular conglomerates of energy, and produce the illusion of a stable solid world, there could be unknown quanta that vibrate at different frequencies where other planes of existence are found.

I'm not throwing out the possibility of astral planes or fairies. But I question its likelihood. I need concrete evidence for the proposition because---I'm sure you'll agree with me---the dreaming mind is capable of creating any illusion and 'astral projectors' could be deluding themselves in their sleep (and cyber-waking hours I should say).
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