My message to Praveen of Forumastral

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My message to Praveen of Forumastral

Postby Summerlander » Sun May 14, 2017 7:02 pm

What a calumniation on your part. I had never mentioned my affiliation with Michael Raduga until you felt the need--with your god complex--to mention that you are the almighty admin here. And hardly anything is being promoted apart from the mention of an existent website which people interested in OBEs will surely stumble upon on Google anyway; so your politics and policy here are pretty useless and pathetic.

As for Michael Raduga's research (of which I partly conducted with numerous subjects) is far closer to the truth--and scientific consensus--than your belief-centric, pretentious and misguided mumbo-jumbo, my friend. You say you don't believe in the phase state of the brain whereby the aforementioned experiences take place which combine waking consciousness with dreaming? Newsflash: the cerebral hybrid state has already been identified and established by the scientific community. All you have to do is look at VERIFIED and PEER-REVIEWED sources such as the psychiatric department at the Planck Institute. Go ahead. Google it and see how you've just admitted to not believing in a scientifically established fact (seen as I will probably get banned for providing any sort of link here. (So well done with your censoring and anti-freedom of expression.)

All the tedious sources you've mentioned to back up your ludicrous fantasies are dubious and I've seen them mentioned a million times over the years. They have been refuted and exposed to be fraudulent. I have spoken to Campbell directly and even confronted him with an ex-associate of his (physicist Carlos Soprano). Your hero refused to answer to some challenging criticism where he misrepresented quantum theory and is a laughing stock in the scientific community worldwide. Nothing but a conniving cult leader. I've had this sort of response over the years by people like you who always quoted outdated and discredited sources. Shows how far behind you are. Eben Alexander is an even bigger fraud--I bet you haven't even looked at literuture by REAL neuroscientists exposing his many errors and fibs. No, didn't think so.

By the way, there is absolutely no evidence showing that NDE's happen during minimal to no cerebral activity-- and plenty suggesting that conscious experiences arise as the brain reboots itself back to consciousness. It is true that people can have certain dxperiences outside REM too (Raduga never denied this) but they are nothing but sleep hallucinations that happen at different stages throughout the night. So my challenge still haunts you: the dreaming mind can dupe you with it's unlimited range of illusions. It dupes the schizo and it confuddles the self-deluded and namby-pamby fantasists like you.

You are nothing but a pretentious and pathetic moderator here. You may delete my post in shame and even ban me but be sure that this will be shown in my site and others that I frequent.

Good luck swimming in fantasy and moderating the realm of ignorance.
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