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Postby Rikah » Thu Nov 24, 2011 6:54 pm

My first experience was when I was meditating with my friend  she had been doing it for a long time so as I sat there nothing happened at first then I felt myself leaving my body i was a little bit dizzy at first then I was on this beach and I looked over and there was my friend siting there and she said that I had done it  that this was the astral plane and I have been doing it ever since then sometimes with her but most of the time I do it alone I am so grateful  to her for enriching my life the way she did
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Postby BK » Sat Nov 26, 2011 3:15 am

I have had many lucid dreams before, but this was more close to SOBT, so I will post that.
I had several dreams last night because of a buzzing mosquito and a trip to the toilet at 1:45 am. 

One dream was of my brother.  He was in my bedroon at my parent's house and keeping me from sleeping because he was reading sanskrit with the lights on.  I complained to my mother.

Another dream was of a young kid who wanted to see my ebook reader.  I resisted and then showed him how it worked.  It did not work properly in the dream, which is normal.

Next, I was woken up by that same kid.  He opened the door and started putting his hand in my face and then he left.  After that, I realized that I was in the phase and slowly got up...not to move my real body...but I was in the phase already, so it did ot matter!

I touched the groung and wall to deepen.  It felt like I was wearing gloves.  I went into the next room which felt like a college dormitory scene.  The next room was a kitchen.  I remembered my task of looking in the mirror, but there was no mirror.  I then said to myself outloud as I looked away, "When I look back at this wall, I will see a mirror."  I did not see a mirror, but I could see my reflection on the refridgerater door which had turned into a mirorr.

I saw that my face was different and darker.  I noted this difference to myself.  In retrospect, it was my brother's face.  I was wearing a dark blue sweatshirt which had writing on it.  It was something my brother would wear in his university time.  I have not worn regular clothes in over ten years though.  (I wear robes).  I tried to read the words which were backwards in the mirror reflection.  It read something like....(reversed for easier typing)
University  of  Kxjdurskskww
I could not read the last word and fouled.
I woke up with a heavy breath and I was too awake to reenter.

Thanks Michael  :>)
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Postby Darren » Tue Nov 29, 2011 1:57 am

I hesitate to say these are my first experiences because I've come to see how we all enter this non ordinary reality all the time but for most of us we do not recognize it for what it is. Having said that, for me 11-17-11 is when I became familiar with being able to control an out of body experience. That morning I awoke, I thought, to the sound of a knock at the hotel door where I was staying the night, I felt like I was in a hazy stupor and I struggled to get across the room to get to the door. I thought, I'm asleep, and turned around to see my wife and I sleeping in the bed, my heart started racing and I was quickly back in my body and awake to the fact I just had an out of body experience. After a trip to the door to look out the peep hole to make sure there was no one out waiting for me to answer and a trip to the bathroom I assured myself that I wasn't dying and I closed my eyes to go back to sleep. I soon began drifting out of my body again towards the door but out of panic again quickly returned to my body. After having some internal dialog of hey just go with it I allowed my self to relax and close my eyes and open my mind to whatever was happening, I soon then drifted up and out of my body again looked and my wife and I sleeping in bed went to the door looked out the peep hole and this time there was three people standing at the door, I could not tell if they were men or women but they saw me and waved. I then went right through the door into the hall and then into the next room. I remember looking around to see what I could see in this room but the next thing I remember was that I was in the hall of the nineteenth floor, but the hotel I was staying at only has 5 floors and the experience now felt much more dream like. I awoke again a couple hours later and I do not remember much more than just being on the nineteenth floor.
Just a couple days prior to this experience I had taken a class from a friend which was an intro to core shamanism so I was relating the experience to what I had learned about Journeying. I interpreted the initial out of body realm as the middle realm but then when I noted being on the 19th. floor I thought I must have traveled to an upper realm. I asked that friend that was teaching the class how I should approach this should I have another experience because she had emphasized caution about doing work in the middle realm. She offered some advice but for the most part did not have knowledge or experience with Shamanism in relation to an out of body experience but suggested I look into resources online. This is how I came to know of and on 11/22/11 I had another OOBE per the manual instructions. I noted the "vibration" when I had awoke and rocked and rolled my consciousness out of body, my plan was to get to the bathroom mirrors and check it out as suggested but as soon as I got out of my body I began levitating up and up it felt, I thought, I need a rope, and there it was the rope coming up from the floor that I could use to pull my self down with. I went into the bathroom and had to get real close to the mirrors to see myself. the mirrors themselves looked kind of crackled but my face like threaded stings of light woven to look like me, messy hair and all it was wild to say the least, I now regret not having done more, but I hurried back to bed like a scared little child but before I got into my body I had to "crawl" over my wife and as I did I saw her "energy/light" face wrap around in front of me as I laid back into my body and woke up. On 11/23/11 I went to bed with a much larger list to deepen and to try and maintain being out of body for a longer period of time, but had troubles I was aware of the vibration when I awoke but I don't think my level of aggression was strong enough as hadn't slept well up to that point. It had been a stormy night and I was distracted by the noise of the wind and rain so I surrendered to just having some good deep sleep and released the focus of having an OOBE. Once I got asleep I began dreaming and only became conscious of this towards the end of the dream so when I awoke I recalled and wrote in my journal about the dream, I won't described it in all the details but I was at a holiday party with my deceased grandparents, but I also encountered a female who was "Goth" like in appearance and when she saw me a tear welled up in her eyes and she ran off to the smoking patio, my father who died of lung cancer smoked on his patio up until the day off his death and I felt the need to follow her thinking I would see my dad out there but that is when I awoke half in and half out of my body. I was still attached in the head but the rest of my body was levitated in the air, very funny this sensation of awakening to being in a head stand. The next day in trying to enter the phase I had a vision of literally being blocked by a person of high contrast black and white, it was not the same "Goth" girl but similar and I say vision as while laying in bed with eyes closed and thinking about how I wanted to go back to the smoking patio to visit my dad the high contrast person threw up their arms in a crossing motion in front of them. I did not have any sense of dreams while sleeping or even vibrational states when waking that night.
11/25/11 Tried entering "the phase" multiple times was exhausted as I felt like between this night and the other night I had spent a lot of time trying to separate and using different techniques but ended up just laying awake a lot waiting for something to happen but at one point as I began drifting off to sleep and I heard in my left ear what sounded like someone shouting from a distance "Tell the lord it's time for me to go" this woke me and I laid there in bed with my heart pounding and felt this tingling running up and down my body like something was trying to touch me. I was genuinely scarred I was either going crazy or that a ghost was trying to enter my body, I went over what I learned in the shamanism class about spirits being trapped in the middle world and how they will try to merge with you, I got up and did some research did a "in body journey" to lower realm to ask my power animal for help take a trapped spirit from the middle world to where it belonged, focused on raising my state from one of fear to one of compassionate intent. I tried to communicate with my thoughts that I would not allow the spirit to merge with me but that there would be some help if it opened its self to be taken to where it needed to go. As I laid there to go back to sleep I repeated as a mantra help this spirit to go where it needs to go. When I woke again I was in a very warm vibration state, it felt really good I did not try to enter the phase I just woke up out of it and since have not entered into any conscious out of body or lucid dreaming states. I do see how valuable developing our ability to work in "the phase" through deepening and maintaining can be and on one hand want to return to doing so but also admit fear out of playing around with the unknown that has me passively making approaches at it. I'm reading the manual again and hesitantly hopeful that I can regain confidence and a sense of security towards developing being a conscious being that exists beyond the human form.
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Postby 12padams » Fri Dec 09, 2011 12:03 am

Sorry had my first experience a while ago... I forgot to post it here...

This all occurred during a restless night full of false awakenings. I have only included however the phase experience below.

November 15th 2011:

It was completely dark once again in my room which confused me as the last time I checked light was starting to come in. I began sitting up in my bed to look out my window and investigate. Millions of voices from a variety of people talking blasted into my ears all once. It lasted about two seconds before it faded out in a creepy, ghostly echo type way. This terrifying event triggered me to become lucid and realise I was experiencing a false awakening. I excitedly performed a reality check which confirmed I had finally consciously made it to the phase.

I looked at my bedroom door and attempted walking to it. It was a strange feeling as it felt more like a semi-hover than an ordinary walk. I was just about to slide it open before I decided to try something different. I successfully attempted putting my hand through the closed door. It was an amazing unforgettable yet hard to explain feeling. It felt like I was putting my hand through floating water without the “wetâ€
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Postby VMU » Thu Dec 15, 2011 9:22 pm

FINALLY I'm able to post something here. After months of practice it finally happened. Thank you all very much for your tips, tricks, stories and, of course, your book.

The funny thing is, it happened on a night that I wasn't practicing (I had no intention at all to enter the phase) I don't remember how the dream started, all I remembered was that I was walking on the street and decided to fly. I started running and took a huge leap. I was flying. Suddenly I realized that this is not possible in the real world "so I must be dreaming" The moment I realized that I got very excited. I decided to land and started deepening by rubbing my hands together. The colors around me got brighter but I still felt very empty, as if I wasn't really there. I looked around me and wanted to do a final reality check before working on my plan of action. I saw some people walking on the other side of the street and a little boy on a bike. I didn't recognize any of them and decided to control them with my mind. I telepathically ordered the boy to turn around on his bike and come to me. It worked. He did it right away. I decided to teleport back to my bedroom to start with with my plan of action. But when I transported to my room I started to lose vision. I tried to deepen again by rubbing my hands but it didn't work. I woke up. I tried to reenter but failed. I guess I was too excited. But I finally did it.

Thanks again everyone. I'll try again tonight.
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Postby DLCsika » Sun Dec 25, 2011 3:08 pm

Hello Michael;
i'm from Nigeria. I had a sleepless night and at about 5:15a.m i layed on my back to WILD (Wake Induced Lucid Dream) and the experience was something else.
i felt my consciousness leaving my body, from my head down to my feet. The sensation was as if my body was sinking beyound my bed leaving my feet as the pivot, swinging from my head toward my feet to form a semicircle, my body being the radius of this semi circle.
after this i felt i was lying on my stomach, facing downwards but this time on the floor.
This is all i can remember but i had some fearful/amazing experiences afterward which i could not manage.
thank you michael. 
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Postby DreamChaser » Sun Dec 25, 2011 6:10 pm

Apologies in advance for the long post but I feel the need to share.

I experienced what I believe to be the phase for the first time when I was about 15. It started as a normal dream. I was in my washroom washing my face and it was dark but there were candles all around. Suddenly a really loud buzz started in my head and it felt like my brain was vibrating. Then I felt what I can only describe as an 'evil force' moving in the corridor, in the direction of my bedroom. Everything started to feel more and more real. I had never been so terrified in a dream before. I think that's when I became conscious because the terror I felt was very real, much deeper and more intense than the 'fear' one usually feels in nightmares.
Suddenly I started spinning backwards, very much like the technique described for deepening, but this was involuntary. While still spinning, I started levitating and ended up in a 'lying down' foetal position. Then I started to move in the direction of my bedroom (still spinning), went through the wall separating the washroom from my bedroom, and hovered over my bed. I could see my own body from above lying down in the exact same position my 'dream body' was in. The 'evil force' was getting closer to my bedroom, and I gently descended into my body and that woke me up. All this was involuntary. I freaked out because I felt my soul had really left and re-entered my body and that the 'evil force' was really there. I spent the rest of the night under my blanket.

The second time it happened, it was even more terrifying. I got woken up (false awakening) by the 'evil force' again and it was dragging me out of my bed. I couldn't see it but could feel its pull. There was the same loud buzz in my head. I tried resisting but ended up on the floor. I saw my mother walking past in the corridor and tried shouting for help but I had no voice. It started spinning me around the room like I was at the end of a rope. I Knew that I could end this by waking up so tried very hard to shake myself awake. As I was under sleep paralysis it was extremely hard but I managed to shake my head from side to side and woke up. As soon as I started falling asleep again I started hearing the buzz again and shook myself awake again in fear of what would happen if I fell asleep.

Over the following few years I had many entrances into the phase, all of them involuntary. Initially I would shake myself awake whenever I heard the buzz because I was convinced that my soul was leaving my body and feared I would die if it didn't return. But over time I conquered my fear and started exploring with limited results. The one common denominator in all this was I could never bring myself to look at my physical face. As my gaze approached my physical body, the buzz in my head got louder and louder (almost to an unbearable level) and it felt like looking at myself was something very wrong that should not be done.

It was only when I got to university (about 15 years ago) that I came across the concept of Astral Projection and realised that that was what I had been experiencing. I bought a guidebook which was pretty much oriented towards self hypnosis or WILDs (what would now be classified as direct techniques). The instructions were quite ambiguous and 'mystical' and it didn't really work for me. I gave up trying and soon after I stopped having OBE's altogether.

I am now 33 and recently came across the concept of lucid dreaming and out of interest started researching the subject. It is very interesting that both lucid dreaming and OBE's are classified under the same term (the phase) and the claim that it all happens in our minds is a little bit disturbing to me as most of my experiences looked like they occured in the real world (seeing real people doing real things in their everyday lives). Maybe it was just my mind playing tricks on me.

I am interested in starting voluntary practice of the phase and am halfway trough the SOBT guidebook. The wealth of information and research gathered in the book is very impressive, something that wasn't available to me back in the days. Knowledge in the field has certainly come a long way.

Last night I tried for the first time (WBTB) but did not achieve the intended result. After the first awakening I tried separating then cycled through a few indirect techniques but after the first cycle I fell asleep again. In subsequent awakenings I was far too wide awake and opened my eyes and moved around in bed before realizing what I should have done instead. I will try again in a few days.
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Postby APVirgin » Wed Jan 04, 2012 9:41 am

This is my first experience which occurred on the 03/01/12. 

I decided to take my mobile phone to bed with me.  I downloaded an app that allows me to set a timer countdown which causes the phone to vibrate for 5 seconds when the countdown expires.  The intention being that this either wakes me at the end of a sleep cycle or makes me aware within a dream.  I fell asleep with the phone in my hand at around 11.35pm with the timer set to 6 hours.

I awoke at around 2.20am when my wife got up to go and tend to my 4 yr old son.  He wouldn't settle and so he came into bed with us and I decided to try cycling techniques.  I used phantom wiggling and watching images.  Phantom wiggling seemed to cause movement and so I tried sitting up and rubbing my hands together.  I wasn't convinced I was in the phase as no vision appeared.  I lay back down and fell asleep.

My first experience of the evening follows.  I think this must have launched from a dream because I suddenly remember being in the upstairs corridor of my house.  I had awareness although I felt like I had very little co-ordination.  My vision was similar to what you might expect if very drunk.  I tried palpating and rubbing hands together and things stabalised a little, but still displayed a juddering of the imagery before my eyes.  I then went into the bathroom for a wee.  This proved difficult as for some reason I had an erection.  Very strange. 

I then walked to the top of the stairs and could hear my wife and son downstairs.  My wife shouted up to me that I should get up as it was 10.30am.  I found this very hard to believe and went into the bedroom to check my phone.  I looked at the time and she was correct.  I also checked my emails and I confirmed there were emails received which were time stamped around 10.30.  I then woke and rolled over in bed to see my wife and son lying next to me.  Very weird.  I checked the time and it was 3.05am.

Next I had what I believe to be a false awakening.  I was awake and decided to tell my wife about my phase experience.  During my recounting of the experience my wife interrupted me by declaring that I had managed to wrap a scarf round my neck whilst asleep at which point she threw it onto my pillow.  She then stated that I had been threatening to children.  This thought appalled me and I woke.  Again very weird.  I did a sanity check and verified the time on my phone twice.  It remained the same and I concluded I was definitely awake.

Next came my longest experience of the evening.  I again must have launched this phase encounter from a dream as I have no recollection of how this phase began.  I remember becoming aware and began rubbing my hands together to deepen the surroundings.  I could see everything clearly and was definitely in control.  I was with someone else whom I cannot currently remember.  We were walking up a street and my mum shouted me over from the right hand side of the road.  At this point I recalled something Summerlander, or some other forum contributor, had mentioned about dream characters dragging you into a dream and causing a loss of focus.  I shouted that I would help later and continued up the street.

I decided to fly.  It was a great experience but was certainly not as graceful as Superman and I was in a seated position and a little wobbly.  I was rubbing my hands together constantly in an attempt to remain in the phase.  I recognised that I was in close proximity to my old dentists near my childhood home.  I landed outside and knocked on the front door.  I went inside and there was a party of sorts occuring.  Inside were a lot of women sat around in a bay window.  I sat next to one of them and continued to rub my hands together.  Here face came into HD type definition.  She was middle aged and very tanned with a good amount of makeup.  She said something about the fact that I have everything in order in my life and that everything is going well.  I acknowledged this but was wary of getting involved in a conversation remembering some have stated that such things can cause a foul.

I stood up and walked towards the stairs.  She stood up and going ahead gestured for me to follow.  I did.  At this point I felt a buzzing in my hand and assumed this was my phone going off at the end of its timer.  I released the phone in the phase which until now had not been present.  I kicked it across the floor and continued.  The woman was in a room and as I entered the imagery faded to black and I was lying in bed.  I opened my eyes and was awake.  I again sanity checked my phone time and verified that the timer had also gone off.  I went back to sleep after recalling the experience.  To be honest getting back to sleep was not easy after that but I eventually drifted off awaking to my son asking to go downstairs.

A very interesting evening.  I'm glad I'm not back to work until next week.  More phase opportunities to come, I hope.
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Postby masterg174 » Sat Jan 14, 2012 2:10 am

Day 3 (7th, January, 2012):
I awoke in my bed, paralyzed, heavy; Suddenly I am lifted 6 feet above my body. My body feels empty; I feel the sensations of my astral body brushing past my physical body.I see my physical body lying in bed, yet I didn't need to turn around, it's like I have a 360° spherical view or at least I am able to turn my view behind me very easily without the need to turn. In this case my physical body looks like it should. Suprised by this and without any form of a plan of action I am suddenly drawn back to my physical body. The thing that is most strange about this OOBE, is that I could feel both my physical body and astral body simultaneously. Like half my perception was on my physical reality and half on my astral reality; quite an intriguing feeling actually.

[b]Success entering the phase:
Full Post and other phases:
Soon a new world will open before me and about 30 others. People will mysteriously "disappear". Where these people go I cannot tell yet but life will be very different I can assure you. Once I confirm what's happend, you will be opened up to something new and amazing. Proof of something more!
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All of this really works!

Postby River » Sun Jan 15, 2012 4:27 pm


I wanted to share my first-time experiences with Michael's method. I finished reading the book a few weeks ago and have been re-reading Part I almost every day since. I have been trying the indirect techniques for a few weeks now. And while nothing seems to happen right away, whenever I faithfully perform the techniques, I later awaken already in the phase, complete with vibrations, rushing noises, auditory impressions, and an internal sense of movement. This has happened now several times. Last week, I did the cycles of 4 techniques and later awoke to strong vibrations that culminated in a rolling sensation which brought me out of bed and landed my feet on the floor. I clearly saw the striped rug on the floor beside my daughter's bed. (I had fallen asleep in her bed that night, after she decided to crowd me out of my own narrow twin!) Just as I was about to stand up, however, I was awakened by the cry of "Mommy!" from the adjacent room!  Every night since has seen some level of sleep disruption or a foiling of my plans to awaken at 5 am, not an uncommon occurrence for an insomniac with a 4 year old child!

Last night seemed like a good night to try again. I made a very deliberate effort to go to bed at a reasonable hour so that I could wake up and try the deferred method. And I vowed to follow the book's instructions for entering the phase as closely as possible. My follow-through wasn't 100%, but I was nevertheless rewarded with multiple entries and at least one partial separation from my body.

I had decided before bedtime that I would use the techniques of forced listening/imagining sounds, along with imagined movement (in my case, pedaling on an exercise bike) and sensory-motor visualization (visualizing walking around my bedroom). At 2 a.m., I awakened briefly to a sense of inner movement and tried to separate by rolling and then by levitation, without success.  Struggling to contain the desire to "just give up" and to maintain a positive attitude, I managed to stay awake long enough to complete the 4 cycles, all the while fighting to bring my full intention and assertiveness to the process. Nothing seemed to happen, and I fell back asleep. I realize now that, it being only 2 am, I was still extremely tired and probably just not primed to enter the phase.

My cell phone alarm was set for 5:15 a.m. After awakening to it, I went downstairs to get something to eat. Altogether, I spent about 20 minutes awake before lying back down. As I lay there, sleepless, I tried imagining sounds (or picking up on faint internal ones) as a way to fall asleep. I am always looking for ways to relax and let my mind drift. This technique seemed to work very well for that purpose.

After that, I clearly remember waking and trying the cycle of techniques on a number of occasions. Nothing seemed to transpire at those instances. However, after falling back asleep following the second or third attempt, I experienced at least two instances of awakening spontaneously to classic phase sensations. The first time, to a feeling of being underneath a rocket about to launch. My midsection was filled with mild-to-moderate vibrations, there was a loud roaring noise, and my heartbeat was extremely rapid and seemed unusually loud in my ears.  I didn't feel afraid but I did lose precious time by wondering whether to try amplifying the vibrations and sounds first or to proceed directly to attempting to separate. In the end, I tried to separate and felt a surge of energy and effort, as though my perceiving body was straining against the anchor of my physical one. But the sensation soon faded and I became too alert to continue. I fell back asleep using the auditory hypnogogues again.

Then, I experienced what must have been a lucid dream since I don't recall any period of waking beforehand. My father-in-law and I were standing next to a large rock pillar set into a red Chinese-looking pedestal. I stood observing the rock for some time before realizing that perhaps this, too, was the phase---that the rock was in fact right next to me in my bed (evidently, I had some combination of lucidity and "dream logic" going on here)--- and that I just needed to deepen. Actually, in hindsight,  the phase was probably deep and vivid enough already and I should have just started carrying out my plan of action. However, I began putting my attention on touching and observing the detailed lattice of minerals threaded through the rock face. Even as I attempted to deepen, though, the dream faded and I fully awoke.

I had another lapse in awareness. Some time later, I woke up again to a tingling sensation. Once again, I felt inner motion, as if my non-physical body were floating around in its physical container. It felt like the phase again, so I attempted separation. What happened next still had the quality of a lucid dream, but this time I knew that I was in my bed and could even sense the covers lying on top of me. My perception shifted in orientation as I attempted to push my perceiving self up into a seated position. I felt myself push down with my hands to lever myself up, and I felt my body rise, yet somehow I continued to remain aware of being in the horizontal position. The sensation was bizarre, almost as if I possessed a certain amount of consciousness in both bodies. Though my physical eyes were closed, I could see the outlines of the bookcase and the door, although the room remained quite dark. And in the course of pushing myself up, I must have rotated, because the angle of the room shifted so that I was looking at the window on the wall perpendicular to the door. However, I couldn't quite manage to separate from the awareness of still being supine.

When my efforts to wholly feel and see myself seated upright failed, I became uncertain  and dropped out of the phase. I opened my physical eyes and realized that I was lying not on my back, which is how I would have to lie in order to see the door, but on my side, facing the window. I absolutely know that no physical rotation occurred during this experience because real movement unfailingly brings me immediately and fully awake.

Almost immediately, it seems, though, I was able to try again. Perhaps I never dropped out of the phase, despite having opened my physical eyes. (I'm not sure how this could have happened; maybe I lost waking consciousness for a minute or so, but the feeling of being awake seemed continuous.)

This time, I decided to try lifting just my non-physical arm. I feared very much the possibility that I would lift up my physical one instead and foul. Also, I could still sense my physical muscles and how they would twitch ever so slightly as I attempted to exert my non-physical ones. But I went for it anyway, trying to lift what I perceived was my physical arm. And....what I was *entirely convinced* was my physical arm rose up out of my body and remained outstretched there, probably quite comically, for what seemed like a minute. At that point, I knew that I had partially separated, and decided to try asking for help, i.e.  for another non-physical hand to come grab mine and help pull me out, but nothing happened. After a while, the phase faded and I awoke fully. My physical arm was, needless to say, lying totally inert and passive alongside my body, full of that sluggish sleep feeling. My hand was tingling fiercely, though. And my left temple was throbbing with a strange, intense energy. (I've never read or heard about this phenomenon anywhere else but feel compelled to mention it, as I have been getting these highly localized headaches for about 2 months now. They correlate closely with times when I lie down and meditate. Often I can "force" the sensation to crop up simply by focussing attention on my temple. I don't know if this is an individual quirk of my own wiring, or if anyone else can speak to their own experience with this. However, one of my goals following my first successful separation is to go observe this part of my head in a mirror.)

I awoke this morning feeling absolutely great, and I can't wait to try again tonight! Unfortunately, I have to bundle my "OBE attempt nights" together during the weekend and then take a long break during the work week. In the meantime, I'll keep reading up in the book and on the discussion forums to see how others have dealt with the problem of non- and partial separation, and also how much effort to spend on amplifying sensations like vibrations before trying to separate.

This is all so cool! Thanks so much, Michael. Your method really works!
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Postby Phanes » Tue Jan 31, 2012 12:56 am

I used the techniques my mentor taught me to meditate to AP.
My first experience was quite a short lived one but I can't rule it out because of how long it was.

1) My mentor was confused as to why I was having trouble in comparison to our other friends who wound up learning his methods as well. So he walked over and helped me out, how? He astral projected, walked over (I could hear his foot steps), reached in and grabbed my arm. As he was about to fling me upward, he stated to himself: "Maybe I shouldn't do this," but it was too late, I was soaring through the skies and I could see the clouds brush passed my face. The feeling, the smell, everything of the clouds were whizzing passed. I then took off and with excitement tried to look for clues and evidence to prove to myself why this was the right path to take than my old, home raised beliefs. As I was being pulled back to my body, I was seeing all of my experiences disappear before my eyes, I knew I was going to forget them. Sadly, I was right, I have yet to re-discover what I checked out back then, but I understand that in some time, my subconscious will reveal to the consciousness the truth that was taken in.
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Postby Palmer » Thu Mar 01, 2012 6:33 pm

I have had spontaneous OBEs several times during my life. The first time it happened when I was 5 years old. I remember my flying over the road and it was so real! Many years later I was remembering those events and still was refusing to belive that they were just dreams.

Not so long ago I learned about Michael's method and tried to use it. To my surprise the method worked (it was the cellphone method). I felt as if something was pulling me out of body through the head back area.

Suddenly I felt a fear and hesitated and missed the chance to get to the Phase. However half an hour later I tried this once again and let the process continue without any control from my side.

There are no words to describe how I felt then. In less then 1 second I appeared face to face with my body. The wave of fear came anew. I harried to look arround and be back where my body lay. I thought that I need to lay inside my body to return. So I did it and waked up.
It was fantastic!
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Postby Th3TruthizInThere » Wed Mar 07, 2012 10:24 pm

I first became interested in the phase experience (termed astral travel or OBE at the time) when I was 19 years old, several years ago. My guidance was an audio cassette by a guy named Rick Stack who had a thick New York accent. I remember him talking about direct techniques and how learning the skill of leaving your body and flying around town was much easier than learning how to play tennis, but considerably more difficult than learning Parcheesi.

He spoke about how you wanted to watch your body go to sleep and become aware in the hypnagogic state where you might hear weird sounds and see right through your eyelids. Your body would likely be unable to move. I put the instruction to work right away, and caught myself in the hypnagogic state very early in the morning- but I was stuck in a sleep paralysis rolled against my wall unable to move, and still unable to separate. I have had great difficulty with this concept of conscious separation.

Due to experiences with lucid dreams and "dreamlike" separations since that time, I am excited to have your practical guidebook and pour myself into the indirect techniques to make the phase an exciting part of my everyday life! Happy Flying!  8)
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Postby SydTheCat » Sun Mar 18, 2012 11:51 pm

I have had lucid dreams since I was a kid, but back in 2001 I had my first spontaneous OBE. my wife to be had just recently moved in with me and one morning after making love, she got up and went into the bathroom to shower. I sat back in bed pondering the moments earlier, feeling oh so relaxed and happy.
My awareness went to the bathroom where she was showering.
I had barely closed my eyes for a few moments, when I began floating straight up to the ceiling.
I could see the room perfectly clear as I floated up and through the corner of the room.
Once I had passed through the ceiling I found myself floating over a room. However this room was not in my house, nor do I think it was the same time frame. The room I was floating over seemed like it was from the dark ages or something.
I saw everything so vividly. There was a big wooden table with what I described as monks sitting around it. The walls were stone, and torches for lighting.
They seemed to be having a meeting. I was afraid to make a noise and bring attention to myself, so I kept quiet.
I continued to float across the room. All along I'm taking in every detail I can see.
I remember thinking this is incredible. It didn't seem like any lucid dream I ever had.
Once I got to the other side of the room I floated through the wall, and I was then returned to my body. I opened my eyes and was so excited about what just happened.
My girlfriend came out of the shower, and I told here what had just happened. She must have thought I was crazy, but she went along with what I told her. I guess that didn't scare her off. She would marry anyways. :-)
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Postby clearchoice84 » Tue May 01, 2012 3:15 pm

I have just recently been reading and studying about the phase state.  This moring when i woke up i tried to be motion less and not open my eyes. I tried to seperate from my body as it says to do in the ebook.  To be honest im not sure how many times i entered and came back to my body. It seemed like a great many times. The strange thing was that it seemed like i could be aware of my physical body at the same time as i was aware in the phase state. My physical body was numb and very heavy. I could barely feel it.  I could not move it like you normaly would be able to. It would have taken a great deal to do so. What i do remember of actually being out of my body was that i stayed close to it and stayed in close proximity to my room.  I remeber looking around my room and floating in it. I did fly out of my room through the celing once and i could see the sky. i flew to the tree in front of my house to feel it. I think then i returned to my body. However, with each return to my body it did not wake me physically, i just felt as if my consciousnes was floating in my body and i only need to get myself up.  The strangest thing about this experience was i brought back with me a word i have never heard before. "Flanerie."  When i looked up in wikipedia the meaning of the word means: Stroller, lounger, saunteer, loafer. A derived meaning of flanuer , which means a person who walks in the city to experience it. I though this was pretty interesting considering i have never heard this before, and as i analysed my experience that was kind of what i was doing. Please anyone, feel free to leave you advice and or thoughts or impressions.  I am just a novice and really want to experience all that i can with the phase state.
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Postby VENTWOOD » Thu Jun 14, 2012 7:53 pm

(Background).  I am not a special person, or a weirdo. I studied psychobiology in college, and am now an engineer.  I am average. I work in the Aerospace Community in the Safety Aspect.  I protect the astronaut’s life support systems. I may have had many experiences, or perhaps this is just symptoms of sleep apnea. Whatever the case, this experience I need to talk about

(May 10, 2012) I had my first experience with general anesthesia during a three hour surgery.  They asked if I had any issues with the anesthesia.  Do I recall anything from my surgery and I said no. They were satisfied. Many doctors came to check on me afterwards, and the hospital called to see if I was okay almost every day for ten days.

Since my surgery I have been having nightmares that were fuzzy to recall, but they wake me up.  My body went through changes too.  I drink water all through the night for several weeks. The last time I felt like this was in 1993.

(June 9, 2012) I was deeply asleep, but felt that someone was choking me.  I cried out in my sleep voice for God to help me, I was struggling so hard that I woke up with a gasp and coughing.  I turned to my other side to sleep and did not wake up again for the night.  In the morning I had bruises on my inner arms, and right thigh.

(June 13, 2013)
I was sound asleep and the last thing I remember was being pulled up an incline like a sheet flooring conveyor.  I had full view and the entire area looked like darkness around me. 

These Christopher Walken looking men came walking people up and down this path. They had people with them holding their arms.  The people were wearing black form fitting suits.  The Walken guys were not really dressed, but like jelly fish colored, and intermittently solid.

I was in line too. As I approached the conveyor, I felt someone was with me like a family member-but they did not speak.  It seemed like I was expected; like I had made this journey before. 

Then the Walken guy asked me which way am I going? I felt the urge to change my mind.  I felt my throat was dry and I began to panic.  My family guide said you must choose now. 

The Waken guy going up became translucent; I could see lights on inside his face, like synaptic transmissions.  I looked at the other Walken guy on my left, and he wanted to take me down. He did not have any lights in him.

I said I am going to continue upward.  So the guy on my left sneered, and vanished into the darkness. 

The guy on my right took my arm (fully encircled my upper and inner arm with one hand), and drew me upward.  Suddenly there was a mechanical sound, like an engine, then a wind sound.  More like a whirlwind, swooshing sound,. I saw a grey cloud building against the blackness.  It was filled with grey and sparkly sand like material. Both the swirling about and the power became greater until it was a vortex. I could not see any light or tunnel, but I knew that the space was a new dimension.  It was a black hole but the distance I could not measure.  The force of the suction pulled us forward. The force was so strong we were transformed into astral material and no longer solid.  During the transition I felt pressure, then weightlessness and no pain. 

The pulling went on for a while and I yet was not afraid, but I wanted to wake up.

This reminded me of the time in 1993.  I was in my bedroom and this cloud came from the sky filling  the sky and going right through my second floor sliding glass door and pulling me up and plane to the ground.  I saw my couch in my bedroom, and two figures in shadow were sitting there watching me.  I was scared then, but I did not make a sound. 

Then suddenly my arms started to glow from within like the color of lava.  I felt this rushing sound and felt myself being pulled directly through the carpeted floor into a tiny space.  I recall then that I woke up on a pier watching fisherman, and being led into a water craft.  The guides told me that they had to hide me under deck.  Then I woke up.  But I was still in my dream when I saw that again, so now I began to put two and two together. This has happened before.

I began to pull against my guide.  He was no longer visible but he was present.  I pulled and pulled until I woke up in my bed again.  I was so hot that I had to turn my fan on and blow it on my face all night. 

(June 14, 2012) Today I feel so drained as if I were medicated, I am so groggy.  I just knew this was real so I reached out to you for input.
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Postby phasemancer » Wed Jul 04, 2012 5:16 pm

I just came home from holiday, we had been driving for quite a long time and I went to bed really tired.

As I was falling asleep something very curious happened. A dreamworld started to appear before my eyes, but I could still move my hands and feel the blanket on my bed. At one point I could feel both my physical body and my dream body. I noticed that as I moved my hands, the dream faded, and when I stopped moving my hands and moved my focus away from physical sensations of my body, the dream came into focus again. The most unusual thing about my experience I think is that I entered the phase without sleep paralysis, it was really very weird to be able to move my body simultaneously in the phase and in the real world. Somehow my attention grabbed the moment of falling asleep, and I was able to bring the phase and the real world in and out of focus for a while, by focusing my attention on either phase or physical sensations.

I had complete conscious control over the phase world. When I entered it was like a blank canvas. I decided I wanted an empty earth, and suddenly I was in a world completely covered by grass. I then created skyscrapers with my mind, just like I would in a 3d program, except it happened instantly. This was a really amazing experience. I flew in and out the windows of the skyscrapers I had just created, and placed some people around. The experience was a bit like playing sim city, just everything looked and felt real and I was in the middle of it. I could still feel my blanket, and my attention went back to my hands, the dream quickly faded, I tried getting back, but it went away and I was completely awake. In total the experience lasted for about 15-20 minutes.
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Postby vnct » Wed Aug 22, 2012 11:02 pm

i'm not quite certain which was my first OBE experience, since i've had so many of them.  one of my first experiences came when i was about 14 years old.  there were at least two entities present, who had repositioned my astral body like a cross along my physical body.  hence, my physical body was laying flat on the bed as usual, but the hands of entities had moved my astral body via my astral head and feet, so that my astral head and feet were overhanging each side of my bed, forming a cross with my physical body.  my astral body and my physical body were still joined at the pelvic region.

i've since had perhaps 2000 conscious OBEs (or thereabouts) from age 14 to 43.  when referring to 'conscious' OBEs, i am referring to those experiences that were not tainted by lucid dreaming.  the dreams had been shut down, and i was directly perceiving into the astral realm while out of body.  in more recent years, i have also developed clairvoyance/clairaudience through the use of ancient disciplines.
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Postby KIMO KAN » Fri Sep 28, 2012 3:31 am

Aloha to you all,
My first encounter with this ability was many years ago at age 20. I crashed my auto into another vehicle and suddenly I was seeing from a height of some feet above my body. I then remember thinking very clearly,'how can I be seeing everything up here,when my eyes are down there. Then I panicked and crashed down into my body. Then the medics showed up and off to the hospital.
I never forgot. Always I searched for the reasons. Many paths I traveled, ever getting closer. Recently I've studied the Chinese Tao's esoteric practices. However only yesterday I found this site and the information here is priceless. I will advance here. Thank you all for coming forward with the message. KIIMO 
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Postby greaterdragon » Mon Feb 18, 2013 8:19 pm

Hello everyone. I am new here, I hope to chat and learn from everyone here.
My first experience was actually performed following the instructions in the book. I remember waking up without moving and in the darkness behind my eyelids I could make out the shape of a green eye. After a while this intensified in clarity and in the end I felt as if I was standing next to a person with green eyes and blonde eyebrows staring at me. At this point I felt the vibrations of the state phase and tried to separate. I suddenly found myself floating above my bed, my vision was very blurry but I could see the bed's corner. I was floating upwards and spinning uncontrollably. There was also a feeling of awe. I thought about looking around to locate my sleeping body and this ended my experience.
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Postby dr.Katz » Wed Feb 27, 2013 8:19 am

Hello. Eight years ago I had my first lucide dream (phase if you will). In that dream my dead grandmother emerged in front of me and said: hello Tom, you are dreaming, this is a dream and I (granny) am reborn yet for four years in another part of Czech rep., my name is this...I was excited about this experience. ;)
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Postby Molecule » Sun Mar 10, 2013 8:43 pm

Hello everyone,

After trying the indirect techniques for a few weeks with very limited success I had a spontaneous entry :)
It only lasted 10-15 seconds but it was so real that I was and still am quite excited!

I lay down for an afternoon nap and suddenly regained consciousness standing next to my bed after drifting in and out of sleep for at least 1 hour. It was night which made me wonder and gain consciousness I guess since I knew it is daytime outside. My wife was sleeping on my side of the bed which was also impossible since I was sleeping on my own. When I realised that I didn't know how I got to be standing next to my bed I tried breathing through my pinched nose which worked (strange sensation!!). I immediately remembered that deepening is required and the first step of action should be to look into the mirror. I rubbed my hands against each other for 1-2 seconds and then stopped (mistake since I was not fully stable in the phase yet) Next thing I remember is that I was suddenly in a bathroom I did not recognise with an unfamiliar mirror. It was modern with 2 warm light lamps which were hung vertically on the sides of the mirror. I cannot recall any other surroundings beside that. The mirror glas itself looked very old (with those black/green spots on the rims which appear when a mirror coating starts to fail) and I stepped in front of it from the left side. Somehow I was much smaller than I am in real life since my reflection only showed my image from my shoulders upwards. I immediately recognised myself and made another mistake by staring at myself which made my reflection wobble strangely...I guess I must have started too long at one spot (hyper-concentration?) since I fouled a few seconds after that and opened my eyes in bed. I immediately tested with breathing through the pinched nose again to make sure that I am really awake (which I was).

Looking back I could have made the experience a lot longer had I deepened thoroughly first thing BUT I was just sooooooooooooo EXCITED and seriously flabbergasted that everything was feeling so REAL! I read a lot on this forum but it is something completely different to actually experiences this state of consciousness first hand.

Michael, you have done me a great service writing your book and creating this forum and all your other work. I would like to thank you for opening up this kind of consciousness for my experience :)
I will keep practicing the indirect techniques until they start working some day and will hopefully have more spontaneous phase entries until then.

I also installed a subliminal software (My Desktop Therapist) and use it on my PC to flash confirming messages of entering the phase state. I hope this will further solidify my intention for entering the phase.
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Postby Nooey » Sat May 25, 2013 6:38 pm

Before ever hearing about obe s I experienced one about 35 years ago.
At school during break time my friend said that she could make me faint. I said 'ok' and she told me to take several deep breaths and hold the last one in. She then grabbed me around the waist, picked me up and whirled me around.
The next thing I knew, I was floating at the level of the top (second) floor windows. I was intrigued and fascinated by this phenomenon and started to look around until I saw a lot of people running towards a form on the ground. With a shock I realised that this form was my unconscious body, and at that moment I woke up with a jolt.
Unfortunately I've never been able to replicate this experience! it only lasted a matter of seconds, probably, but I was not in the least worried or alarmed by it, and indeed felt quite at peace while it lasted.
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Postby eroxy » Sun Jun 16, 2013 1:15 pm

I don't really remember my first experience of the lucid dream, since I've found I've been able to lucid dream since I was a little kid.

I think we actually all do lucid dreaming/obe-ing/phasing since we were little kids.

My first OBE though, or at least one I was really aware of leaving the body was a week ago, and what I did was simply sit up on the bed, and then I started flying around my house and my neighborhood at night. I also got to make some magic powder, for some reason. It was like stars that I conjured up with my breath and my hands.

I then jumped high up into the stars, and then was sucked back down to the earth, as if gravity still existed.

Then as I was going to run about, I returned to my body. Maybe because I thought about it.
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