Confronting Spirit in Phase

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Confronting Spirit in Phase

Postby masterg174 » Sat Nov 19, 2011 2:48 am

Hi, I have not had a successful phase attempt yet. Mainly because I haven't really been trying yet due to school. But I will be trying more in the holidays, which is in about 3 weeks.

Experience 1:
I am 17 years old, and live with my parents and older brother.
A while back in 2009 (15 at this time), my friend was over at my old house. We we had just become recently familiar with Astral Projection. But we were also interested in other paranormal things. We heard about the Ouija board, which I printed out a paper copy and stuck to a cardboard shoebox. Well we got no results using the Ouija board. However, later on during the night, we could hear a loud breathing sound near the door. Eventually the sound dissipated and we got to sleep. The next morning we must have forgotten about the Ouija board, and left it on the table. Later it disparaged.
Later, my mum said to us "Is this yours?" showing us some weird toy or something. When my friend replied "No it's not", she then said "I have been seeing a lot of weird things lately..."
Which gives me some reason to believe she may have found that Ouija board. To this day I do not know of what happened to the Ouija board. But we do not use Ouija boards anymore as they are simply too dangerous. They are channeling devices after all...

Experience 2:
About this time last year, I was home alone as my parents were on their wedding anniversary and my brother was a surfing camp.
I do not know why I was up so late, but it was 4:20 am. When I realized it was so late (I must have lost track of time), I immediately went to try to go to bed. at 4:30 am, I was trying to get to sleep, when I heard this loud breathing right next to me. I felt this cold feeling brush past my body. Immediately I jolted from the bed, fear encapsulating my body, I opened the door and walked down my hallway. The sound followed me I was standing right next to the bathroom and I could hear it in there. I continued to the end of my hallway and into my living room. I heard it over near the kitchen about 4m away from me, breathing loudly. I prayed for it to go, and it shortly did. I did not go back to sleep for a long time to come that night.

Experience 3:
Well exactly today, I awoke at 4:30 after going to sleep at about midnight. I heard the exact same sound again: mumblings (I can't explain what I mean by mumblings as I can't remember exactly how it sounded. Next time I will try and record it), and loud breathing. This time however, it did not follow me. I did not immediately jolt from my bed. I was less scared this time, I do not know why. I simply got up looked at my bed analyzing the sound I could hear. If I was thinking clearly I would have recorded the sound, as I can't really remember it.  I walked into my living room and could hear it from my bedroom. Shortly after I could hear it dissipated and tried to go back to sleep at 4:50am. The thing that is strange in this case, was the my parents were also awake and at home this time. My brother has been in Canada for a few months now.

Well reading just a little of chapter 8, I hear that you will have your fears manifested into the phase. Therefore I am more than likely at some stage or another to see this ghost or spirit. I need some advice on what I can do to rid of this being.

One issue I have is even though this spirit is making these sounds. I still cannot conform it is negative or positive. But say it was negative, what can I do to rid of it from my presence? I do not want to attack it for it to retaliate against me.
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Re: Confronting Spirit in Phase

Postby Huntaa48 » Mon Apr 14, 2014 10:36 pm

Sounds similar to something that me and my brother experienced a few years ago. Well weird stuff used to happen all of the time! But once when we were sat alone in the living room of my old house and we both heard a loud moaning growl from the other room, we (sorry for the language) SHIT ourselves! It didn't make any sense because it was only us two in the house other than my mother who was asleep upstairs. Neither of us entered the room to investigate and I can't even remember what we did after it happened but we both still talk about it. He also experienced it in a forest at night with his friends when he was a kid. If more than one person hears it that is proof that you aren't imagining it!
Anyway, in answer to your question. The only way to really stop these things is to face them, as scary as it can be. If you struggle all I can say is take it slow. Face the less scary things first and work your way up to your greatest fear. I have only faced a few of my fears in lucid dreams but I will promise you this; when you face your fears and see how powerful you actually are (and not how weak you might think you are) you will wake up feeling refreshed, like something positive has occurred! The best way to be rid of the bad things it to transform them into something beautiful, I turned a horrible and freaky looking plastic toy into an amazing butterfly using magic. Things like that (My theory) alter your entire subconscious mind. If you went on a mission to change and create a complete positive environment in your lucid dreams you would forever be happy. That is until something else from the outside world creates another negative thought in your mind, if that was to happen just get rid of it on the night.
Hope this was helpful. Kupo!
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