Difficult to sleep or very deep sleeper

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Difficult to sleep or very deep sleeper

Postby Lazarus » Thu Jan 18, 2018 12:25 pm

Hi, I wanted to share my problems/experiences on the pahse.

I had my first experiences about 10 years ago. At that time I was reading books on astral projection and mystical experiences and found some similar techniques in e-books.
The techniques included taking "awareness" walks and making reallity checks as well as concentration/visualization exercises in which you had to "see" and "examine" different objects with eyes closed (without imagining them). It also had exercises with looking at candles, trying to transfer the point of view to the flame etc.

The concentration techniques did help a lot.
Another great help was the relaxation techniques before sleep. Relaxing the body while focusing on different parts helped to stay focused while the body fell asleep, thus feelling vibrations, sounds and diziness.

After a lot of sleepless nights trying to "project/stand up" I managed to have a very vivid and clear experience of the phase with a view like 360 degrees, my eyes totally open while feeling myself in bed and not being able to believe what was happening to me. I was in a house different than mine, it was noon (while I slept at night) and everything was so vivid and real that I was unable to believe that I wasn't sleeping.

Floating through the house I saw something like a shadow/felt like someone was there and that scared me to death, returning straight to my body and woke me up.

The succesfull few attempts required a span of 2 months systematically lying for many hours in bed with eyes either open or closed not moving a muscle for long periods of time, trying to keep my mind clear of thoughts.

After that time I was unable to keep that up and all tries failed. I am a very light sleeper and either sleep too fast or wake up too fast to full alertness.
That makes it almost impossible for me now to get up in the phase (because I can never stay alert long enough to see my body sleeping, or wake up very very fast and fail the 1 minute technique tries)

I have noticed that when trying to sleep, if thoughts or images pass by, I am unable to stay focused and these images create a story that drags me into the plot. After that dreams occur with me loosing awareness and waking up in the morning. Imagining that I am in front of a mirror or trying to climb a ladder did sometimes help but sleep deepness is disturbed every time and wakefullness occurs.

I am really frustrated because I am unable to keep trying while keeping my everyday stressfull life.
Any help/tips on the above would be appreciated.

I would also like to thank Mr. Raduga and everyone in the team for the great information and study from scientific point of view and wish that I could sometime be able to assist in that work if I manage to control and master the phase.

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